Maybe you just went through a breakup. The odds are, you’re trying to figure out how to make things work out and get back together, or, you just might be trying to get over it. If you’re looking to get back your lost love, it’s very possible by following through with some time proven tips, and an easy to follow plan of action, as by doing the right things the right way you will give yourself a much better chance of winning back lost loved ones.

Language of Desires

Start off by saying sorry. You might have already gone through this process, but if your loved one heard you say that while trying to stop the initial breakup, then they probably thought you were just saying it to stop the split, and they were thinking you were really being insincere.

If your reading this then most likely your the one who was the cause, and you need to say your sorry. And this time, you will be saying sorry as a single person and not the jolted ex girlfriend or boyfriend. By saying your sorry now, you will have no committed ties with your ex, and they will know that your not just saying sorry to get them back but that you really mean it. and if your here I think you might mean it…. Am I right?

You may never be able to forget but you can always forgive. Sometimes forgiving someone can be like pulling teeth, especially if the break up had to do with one lover cheating on the other. Forgiving means that you have to unconditionally forgive, which means not bringing up the past shortcomings. If you hold on to the past, you can’t get your relationship to the future. So if you get another chance, just let go and be happy your back with your loved one.

To sum up the plan of action:
A: Saying Sorry (After the breakup, give it some time, 3 weeks is usually the amount of time that goes by before one of the lovers get back in contact, this would be a good time say your sorry from the heart and mean it).

B: Forgive: ( Be the bigger person and forgive without any reservations, whether your the forgiver or the one forgiving, this is the most important thing to remember, as you should always forgive with grace and dignity).

This was a quick call to action to give you some ideas on how to get back your lost love.

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