Are you in the situation of going threw a bad breakup and you would do anything to get your ex back? THere is deffinatly nothing easy about this situation, I have experienced this myself. I found myself losing a tone of weight and not wanting to work or sleep or really do anything I was so heart broke. Well as I grew a little older and thought about the situation I realized, I went about it all wrong. Read on to find out my mistakes that I did and try not to do the same.

Language of Desires

When I was younger I went threw a bad breakup and I probably did everything you could imagin wrong to try and get her back. It seemed that I was showing all of my cards and she was keeping all of hers back. I let her know everything I was feeling and acted very panicky and out of control. I think this was the biggest turn off I could have done. When you are trying to get back your ex one of the worst things you can do is to let your emothing take control of you. If I couldt have just played cool I would have relized she wanted me back just as much as I wanted her. But all the time I was letting her know that she was in control and she used it to her advantage. I remember that sometimes I would get into my truck and take these long drives just to get her off my mind. But it really just made me more desperate then I ever was. And this will just make her feel traped and cause her to avoid you , if you let them know you are deperate.
One of the best things you can do when trying to get your ex back, is to take control of your situation and yourself. If you do this then she will get time to really think and relize that she really dont want to spend the rest of there life without you and she will be faced with the possibility of it. But still let her know you are willing to do what it takes to make up.
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