Have you recently gone through a break up? Are you wondering how to get back with your man? Don’t worry, with patience and a good plan of action, there are a number of things you can do to give you a great chance of getting back with your man.

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A relationship break up is without doubt one of life’s most emotionally traumatic times. During the intense time before a break up, both of you are under intense emotional pressure. Your man was probably feeling trapped within the constant emotional turmoil, so his leaving will often be an instinctive need to escape the situation and restore some calm to his life. The desire to get him back right now will be strong, but for the time being you need to give him space. It will be an extremely difficult thing to do, but if you are still in contact, either by calling or texting, you must stop. Pressurizing your man to change his mind at this time will often only push him further away. The best thing you can do for the time being is to cease contact as soon as possible.

It’s vital to understand that if you want to get back with your man there has to be a brief period where you have a real break from your ex. Set yourself a time period, two, maybe three weeks where you have no contact with them at all. If you are still in contact, you must stop. No calls and no texts. If you happen to bump into them, be polite but very brief. This will be extremely hard, but it is necessary.

The next stage is to get your head straight, this is a time for you, a time for getting yourself in a calm, rational, and emotionally positive frame of mind. This is essential if you are to succeed in getting back your man. This is a time to take stock of yourself and make some positive changes in your life. New clothes, a different hairstyle and taking some regular exercise are some very positive things you can do. The idea behind this is when your ex man sees you again, you look good and sound positive.

As strange as it may sound, the secret to getting your man back is your own mindset. What you have to do is change the way that he sees you. This means reminding him of the person you were when you first met, this is who he fell in love with, before the arguments and conflict. It’s a much used saying, but in matters of the heart, a true one; “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. No matter what of the circumstances of your break up, when you have spent any length of time with someone, if remove yourself from the picture for a while, he will miss you.

It’s highly likely that if you stick to the no contact strategy, that your ex man will contact you. Your ex will be instinctively curious about what you have been up to. When they do, ask how they have been, be pleasant, but brief. Suggest that you maybe catch up over coffee sometime, and leave it there. Only suggest the idea, so he feels no pressure. More often than not your ex will get in touch and take you up on the idea.


What you say and how you react after a breakup is vital if you want to get back with your man.

At How To Get Back With Someone You Love you will find the best way of approaching your ex and getting them back in your life. Find out how, if done right, getting back with your man is just a matter of time.

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