Most of us experienced break up at some point of our lives. Some people recovered and moved on and some people don’t. Some people just want to patch up with their ex but they just don’t know how.

Language of Desires

These people fail to realize that 90% of break up could be prevented. If they were not prevented, there are always ways to reverse them.

In order to get back with you ex, you will need to objectively analyze the reason that caused the break up. You need to know what mistakes you committed and then learn from your mistakes. Stop pointing finger of blame at the other party – it does not work. When you acknowledge and accept the responsibility then only you can proceed to the next step.

Upon completing the first step, you now need to recall why your ex is attracted to you when you first met. We don’t just mean good looks. We mean the things you did for him that brought him joy and subsequently made him willing to spend plenty of time with you. What had you done back then? Think about them. Now, think about how you spend time with him before the big break up.

Did he become distant? Did you become more desperate to bring him closer to him? Did he, in responding to your desperation, try to pull away even harder? Did you then try even harder to make him realize that you love him? Did you spend lots of time trying to figure out what went wrong, and how to fix it?

These things you did to bring him back are just showing your man how needy you are, which is not at all an attractive attribute to a man. A man is attracted to a happy girl with confidence. Such a girl makes them feel good. A needy girl is seen as someone who is lack of confidence – which is the type of girl most man try to avoid.

So what can you do? Regain your confidence and happiness.

They had made a man fell in love with you before; and they can make a man fall in love with you again even after you break up with him. Also, bear in mind that men and women take different approach towards communication. Women, when they try to get back with their ex, they will try to “talk about it” with their man. They want to talk about what went wrong and make a good analyze in order to fix the relationship. Men will only see this as a sign of neediness, which made them think that they need to find someone else to make them happy again.

Another thing you can do to get your ex back is to keep in touch with him. He might be hesitant as he will remember the reasons of break up but that should not stop you. You need to remind him gently about why he fell in love with you and gradually make him realize you are the best one for him. Your reminding should be done in a way that shows you are once again a happy and confident girl.

A big no-no is to shout at him and blame him – those will not score you any points. Just by being happy and confident is attractive enough. They create the strongest foundation for you to get your ex back again.

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