You have split with a girlfriend or wife, and you’ve finally decided that you want her back. You might have already concocted schemes on how to easily win her back so that you can be in a relationship with her again. You have sworn that this time, it will work, and that you will try your best not to repeat the same mistakes again. But before getting on with your plan on how to easily win her back, here are some suggestions.

Language of Desires

Remember that women think differently compared to men, and winning her back may not be as easy as you think.

(1) Consider the factors that made your first run at a relationship not work. Was it something you did? Was it a clash in personalities? Was it a lack of trust in each other? Once you have determined the factors and are still decided on getting her back, try to work on the things on your part so that your possible second try at a relationship will have a bigger chance of running smoothly.

Working on changing the attitudes that she didn’t like about you before will make her realize that you’re really serious. Your earnest efforts will shine through despite her doubts about you.

(2) Don’t go through the trouble of making her feel jealous by pretending to have moved on already. Some people tend to employ tactics such like getting a pretend-girlfriend so they can rub it in their ex’s face that they’ve already moved on. Of course, most men just do this in the hopes that their exes will get jealous and eventually want to reconcile with them. This strategy is as old as time, and has been used in too many movies and TV shows.

As those movies and shows have shown, it mostly ends up in disaster. Even if you manage to get her back, she’ll soon realize that the problems you’ve had in your relationship in the past are still there.

A sincere effort to change your ways and mend hurt feelings with a heart-to-heart talk are still ultimately the keys to win her back.

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