One night you dreamed of your old flame and the love you use to share and woke up in reality empty and alone. Each passing day is not the same without her. Her touch, her smell, her smile – you just can’t resist her charm! You realized you want your ex girlfriend back.

Language of Desires

But before you go planning ways on how to get her back, be sure you’re making the right choice. At this point you should be able to have moved on from the break-up. No more feelings of anger and bitterness towards your ex girlfriend. It should be a start of something new. It’s time to be hopeful and look towards the future. Be emotionally prepared with consequences you will encounter. Your ex girlfriend may not act the same way towards your sweet and warm gestures. This is however the measure of your effort. Accept your ex’s bitter feeling. Take this consequence as punishment for what you’ve put her from the past. After all she also had a hard time getting over you.

If you know that getting your ex girlfriend back is the right thing to do then follow this step by step fool-proof tips to get your ex-girlfriend back.

1. Improve yourself. Take all the bitterness away. Think of traits your ex didn’t want then go and find ways to eliminate these characteristics. Polish those good traits that your ex girlfriend adored to score better points. It’s important to look good, and be psychically fit. Engage in sports or any activity that will help you in this aspect. Who can resist that charm?

2. Be sincere and clear with your intentions. Like mentioned above be sure you’re making the right choice. There’s no backing out once you show your intentions. This time be a man of your word and show her what you want and what she needs to expect from you. Sometimes it’s a matter of challenging yourself to be a better man. All she needs to know is that you are willing.

3. Catch up with her. The element of surprise is important. Surprise your ex girlfriend by showing up to where she usually goes like to cafe’s or restaurants. Approach her in a friendly manner and open a conversation but make it casual without looking or sounding creepy. She’ll be surprised at how much you’ve improved.

4. Send a text message. After your first meeting as “friends”, send her a text message asking how she’s been and what she’s up to. It’s a good sign if she replies and it may mean she’s interested. Suggest a nice place to go to so you can talk intimately. It’s the start of getting your ex girlfriend back.

5. Send gifts. After a couple of “friendly” dates, send her gifts that make a statement. A statement that suggests your intentions. If she accepts then you’re in the right tract. Schedule activities or make efforts to keep the momentum and spark flowing.

If you follow religiously these advices, you’ll get your ex girlfriend back in no time.

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