When a relationship comes to an end it’s often that one of the people will still not believe that it has really ended. Especially in a new relationship. Many men don’t accept the fact that his girlfriend really left him. If you are in this situation and wondering how to get back together with an ex girlfriend you should first make a plan and follow a few steps to avoid making the mistakes that most guys make when trying to get an ex girlfriend back.

Language of Desires

It’s very common for couples to get back together after they break up. I am sure you have seen it happen before so it’s obviously possible. First you should ask yourself why you want to get her back. Is it because you still lover her and truly want her back? Or could it possibly be for another reason like you just don’t want to be alone or you just don’t like that you were dumped. You have to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. If not you are going to be getting into something that will just lead to trouble.

If you determine it’s for the right reasons and you want to know how to get back together with an ex girlfriend the first thing you need to do is to not appear needy or desperate. No matter how much you may be hurting and want her back you need to keep those emotions under control. If you must let these emotions out go talk to family or friends. You can cry on their shoulders all you want, but do not let her see or know about it. And whatever you do, do not stalk her.

You must learn to take control of these feelings and avoid self pity. Don’t focus on how much you are hurt but instead focus on the positive aspects of your life and your ex. If you come across as being too needy or disparate or needy that will probably just drive her further away. Both of those things do nothing but kill the attraction and make people want to avoid you.

Keep the lines of communication open with her. Even if she ended the relationship it’s common for women to still want to communicate after a breakup. So let her feel like you still want to be civil and that the lines of communication are still open. That doesn’t mean you have to initiate the conversations but be willing to have casual conversations and keep in touch.

Take some time away from her and analyze what went wrong with the relationship. Once you realize what went wrong you can use that information to grow personally so you can avoid that in the future. When you are coming from a not needy and not desperate position and know what went wrong you will then be much more prepared to get back together with an ex girlfriend.

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