Bill has been a bad boy. Like many of you wondering how to get back at your ex girlfriend, Bill has come up with a fool proof plan. That is why Bill isn’t on friendly terms with his ex girlfriend.

Language of Desires

Breakups happen. They happen to the very best of us but no one likes to mentally prepare for dealing with them when they do. The problem is that sometimes things go wrong and when the breakup is handled poorly the situation gets escalated.

Revenge sounds sweet. While some believe it’s a dish best served cold, Bill found revenge not to be palatable at all.

Bill took his time to create an elaborate plan for how to get back at your ex girlfriend. In fact, it was almost text book perfect. He devoted a great deal of thought and spent many hours concocting his plan and preparing to carry it out.

What went right?

Everything went according to plan. He got his revenge and she knew without a doubt who it was that set out to humiliate her. In other words, he hurt her…deeply. That is what revenge is all about after all.

What went wrong?

He discovered a little too late that he didn’t really want to hurt her. What Bill wanted most was a second chance. Unfortunately, the act of revenge all but eliminated any hope he had of making that happen.

Bill still hurt. He didn’t suddenly feel better about the breakup. He didn’t instantly love her less. Instead, he now has to deal with the blow of the breakup (which he never dealt with in the first place) and the remorse he feels over his revenge efforts.

What should you do to get your ex girlfriend back so you don’t end up sad and alone like Bill?

Begin your efforts to get her back by giving her a little time. During this time you need to keep busy figuring out what went wrong in the relationship and how you can change to prevent those same things happening in the future. When you do get back in touch with her you will be wiser and she will have had time to calm down and begin missing you.

What next?

Follow the step by step plan I’ve created for you: to get your ex girlfriend back instead of how to get back at your ex girlfriend. It’s a much more productive use of your time and energy and you are much more likely to appreciate the results.