The relationship seemed so perfect, so how could things have gone so wrong to make him want some space? You are not alone when you feel this way. There are many reasons why this might happen even to the seemingly best relationships. Following are some tips to help you learn how to get an ex boyfriend back even when he wants some space.

Language of Desires

Firstly, you are not going to go to the lengths of losing your dignity and beg him to come back. Initially, it is advisable, for a short time, to act a little hard to get making sure that you go out and meet friends (no matter how bad you are feeling). Moping around pining for your ex is not going to get him back.

The best thing to do, if you really do feel that there is even just a slight chance that your ex boyfriend still has some feelings for you, is to keep in contact, but as a friend. This may take the form of short, light-hearted phone calls and the odd text message. Leave him wanting more and remind him of what a good companion you are.

You may want to instigate meeting up for a friendly drink. When you are chatting, nonchalantly bring up some of the happy times you had together. Not in a desperate manner but in a remembering -the-good-times kind of way. Soon he will be missing those times and realizing what he threw away.

Think about what happened to makes things go awry. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint certain situations or arguments and learn from them. If you truly want to know how to get an ex boyfriend back it will involve making the necessary changes to give the relationship a chance to flourish.

Perhaps he felt that you were coming on too strong or going too fast. Show you ex in the brief communication that you have, that you are happy and getting on with your life just fine. Eventually the “space” he needs seem so necessary any more.

If however, after a while, your ex is not responding to your light-hearted moves to become friends (and hopefully more) it probably means he still requires space. If he needs the space, them leave him to it. If he is, in fact, responding well and you are enjoying each other’s company again then continue very slowly and gradually step things up a notch to where you will be seeing a little more of each other.

Once things are looking a bit more steady, don’t be afraid to open up a little but without sounding needy or pleading. If he is showing signs of wanting to reunite take advantage of this chance and let him know you are up for it too.

These points are just the starting places for really making a go of things with your ex. There are many effective strategies to implement on how to get an ex boyfriend back that you can begin immediately.

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