Are you trying to figure out how to get an ex boyfriend back but don’t know what to do? I know how you feel. Life’s tough right now. Conflicting feelings and emotions are running through your head. You want to know how to get an ex boyfriend back, but you have no solid plan to do so.

Language of Desires

This is a very bad place to be. If you just go with your feelings and try to go about this without thinking things through, it could make things far worse. Before you do any more damage to your chances to win him back, take a step back, think things through and get a plan. Here is a 3 step plan on how to get an ex boyfriend back that has been used successfully by many women:

1. Avoid seeming needy or desperate

I know the temptation. You want to call him up and tell him how badly you feel about the breakup. You want to cry on the phone and make him feel sorry for you. This may work with your parents, but it WONT work with most guys. The first step in how to get an ex boyfriend back is to put an end to this kind of behavior. Now is not the time to seek his sympathy, now is the time to be strong!

2. Avoid contact for a while

The second step in how to get an ex boyfriend back is to limit or avoid contact for a time. You know as well as I do that you may have a hard time staying strong and avoiding the needy and desperate appearance when you are around him or even talking to him on the phone. So, stop contacting him for a while! This is a simple step, but often difficult. If you follow through with limiting contact, you will give him a chance to miss you and want you back.

3. Change your focus

Ok, so you’re thinking “if I can’t contact him, what do I do with my time?” That’s a great question.

Again the answer is simple, but not necessarily easy. The third step to how to get an ex boyfriend back is to use your “no contact’ period (about a month or so) to focus on things OTHER than him. He doesn’t have to be the center of your universe. So, reconnect with some old friends, spend more time at work, get into a hobby you always wanted to do.

If you follow these three steps to how to get an ex boyfriend back, you should find yourself in a prime position to get him back after the “no contact” period is over. He will be missing you and you will look better to him than ever before! However, if you find that you need more detailed advice on how to get an ex boyfriend back, you will find it at