Language of Desires

I’m assuming since you have decided to read this that you’re looking for advice on how to get an ex back. Well, let me firstly say congratulations for doing this, why? You may be asking. Well when I was in your shoes, I wasn’t bright enough to accomplish what you’re doing right now. The ways I attempted to win my ex back was to think about things that made sense to me and unfortunately it took me months to understand on my own I was getting nowhere and completely needed to change my game plan.

When my ex had then can no longer any intentions to stick with me and she made it clear by telling me things were not going to work out, I used to be completely devastated and couldn’t let this happen, I could not let the girls of my dreams walk out of my life exactly like that. I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it requires to get her back, this lead me to begin considering ways on how to get a ex back.

Now I’ll tell you the exact words that went through my head to acquire my ex back:

“I’ll just call her till she picks up and tell her how sorry I’m for being such an idiot, she’ll wind up in my arms in no time.”

“I will call her each day and beg her till she gives in and comes back to me.”

“hmmm she’s not answering my calls, think I’ll text her till she replies”

Needless to state, none of the above worked or were ways on how to get a girlfriend back, in reality it made my ex hate me even more, They are what I called knee jerk reactions from the psychological condition you are in when your in such a desperate stage.

Now the following thing I’m going to tell you will be extremely important, “never ever listen to your emotions and try to generate your own personal so called genius methods. The best thing that you can do when your trying to ways on getting your girlfriend back is always to ask for outside advice – it can be what made my girlfriend go back to me.


Break ups are hard and can be one of the toughest times in peoples lives. Everyone handles every situation diffrent but at the end it all comes down to the proper ways to really get you ex loved one back.

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