Key 1: Stay Calm
The last thing you need to do is turn into a panicked blubbering mess of a man who’s shouting form the roof tops about his undying love (no matter how true it may be!). Behaviour like that only works in the movies. In real life the best you’ll get is a stony silence and the worst is a police call out. Keeping a cool head and thinking things through carefully will enable you to execute every step in this process properly. I know it’s hard – but its necessary if you want to know how to get your girlfriend back and live happily ever after.

Language of Desires

Key 2: No Contact
She just dumped you and in the heat of the moment she wants you out of her life. Give it to her. This will be seriously difficult but it will be one of the big keys to getting your girl back. You see this one works off the old saying: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. That little saying has so much truth in it I’d say it should be carved in stone somewhere. While your away the memories of your good times together will begin to pop up. If she keeps seeing you then you’ll only stoke up the memories of the hurt you caused. So keeping away will give her time to heal and for the good stuff to come back through. I’d say 30 days tops but 2 weeks minimum.

Key 3: Apologise
I’m amazed this needs to be put down but it’ even more amazing how many people forget it. You fall into one of two groups here. Either you don’t think you did anything wrong to deserve an apology or you think you’ve already apologised.
Well if you reckon the apology is done with then you’re wrong! Most apologies are pathetic half-hearted whispers or selfish bawling rubbish. Either way most apologies come from a selfish point of view.

Apologies are often done to achieve forgiveness – hey we all want to be forgiven!! That’s not a problem. But you have to apologise and really mean the apology because of their pain – not yours. Dig deep on this one and really put yourself in their shoes. Feel what they felt. Hear what they hear. Then say you’re sorry and show you mean it. Show you understand the pain. That’s a real apology and believe me it works. Remember to do this after your period of ‘No Contact’ mentioned above.

These three keys are great pieces of advice on how to get a girlfriend back but if you want to make sure you don’t mess up your chances I know a guy with great advice at my site: I Miss My Ex Girlfriend.

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