There is so much horrible advice floating around on the subject of how to get a girl to like you that its almost like sifting through your inbox to find legitimate emails in the sea of business opportunities, get rich quick promos and the latest and greatest MLM schemes.

Language of Desires

The first thing you need to understand is that women are irrational, and as such getting them to like you will be offensive to basic logic. Logic tells us that when we are nice to someone they will like us back. It makes sense and you cannot fault a man for taking logical action like this when they try to persuade a good woman to like him.

Unfortunately many of us have found that women just don’t respond romantically to the “nice guys”. As stupid as that may seem, its true. How often have you seen the most arrogant jerks getting the most attractive women? Its truly puzzling isn’t it. Well they do a few things right (and a few things wrong obviously).

Women instinctively want a strong man who is independent and “non-needy”. When a man starts giving her things, complying with her every whim and just being an all around brown-noser it communicates insecurity and an unsettling relationship with ones self. If you cant be OK with who you are and if you think you must please a girl in every possible way to get her, then you’re not man enough for a donkey.

What is it that arrogant jerks do? They do what they want when they want. They make the woman comply with their desires. They are hard to get a hold of. They tease and make fun of women. They have multiple women at a time.

Now I’m not saying you should become an arrogant jerk to get women but they do some things that make them more attractive to women than the common, insecure, “nice guy”.

Challenge her opinions.

Make fun of her then compliment her shoes. Be unpredictable. If she won’t go do something with you. Do it anyway and make sure she finds out about it. Accuse her of wanting you in a playful, ridiculous way. Example:

“Were you just staring at my hairline?” (from a guy with a receding hairline)
cut her off
“look I know receding hairlines turn you on but I just feel violated when you check me out like that.”

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