As guys we sometimes get a bit confused as to treat our girlfriends.

Language of Desires

Maybe it’s because we are different in so many ways, generally speaking. Sometimes we try, but they seem to take things the wrong way, despite our best intentions.

All you want to know is how to be nice to your girlfriend. You love her and want her to know how you feel in both words and actions.

Not taking her for granted is a good start.

This isn’t meant to sound harsh but it’s true: she is not obligated to stay with you. She has every right to leave you, and could do so at any moment. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be constantly worried, or let that though make you jealous, but it does mean that you should value her and make no assumptions.

Even if you’re not taking her for granted, you may still be wondering how to be nice to your girlfriend in a way that she will appreciate.

Before you can do that, you have to know what things she likes.

You also need to know what type of affection she responds best to.

For example, you may think saying “I love you” is all it takes to let your feelings be known… but maybe she was raised in a home where affection was shown through physical touch, such as a pat on the back or a shoulder massage. Knowing this will help you in your efforts to be nice.

In this case, a foot rub after she has had a hard day will go much further than telling her how much you love her.

There are also some basic things you can do, no matter how she likes to be shown affection.

Treating her with respect is always the right thing to do. Even if you are arguing, you should still treat her with respect. She is a person, and deserves to be treated with common decency. Don’t treat her like an inferior, don’t talk down to her, and don’t treat her like she’s stupid.

This is also a perfect time to remember the Golden Rule.

In other words, ask yourself how you would like her to treat you.. or, how would you feel if she started saying and doing to you what you say and do to her? Would you be okay with that, or would it rub you the wrong way? If you wouldn’t like it, then that’s a strong sign that you need to change.

One of the big problems is that you may think that you are being nice, but your girlfriend doesn’t think so.

When this happens you will need to talk to each other to find out what’s going wrong.

You’re trying to be a good guy, and she wants you to be a good guy, and a little communication can go a long way. How to be nice to your girlfriend really is as simple as that.

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