You will find a lot of tips that will tell you how to get back with your ex. The only problem is that they don’t tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong. But you see, it is essential that you find out exactly what your problem is so that you don’t keep on repeating them especially if you are really serious in getting back with your former lover. That is why we have this how-to-guide in reverse.

Language of Desires

Let’s see where the problem lies. One of the most annoying things that ex-lovers do is to flaunt their current relationship in the hopes of making the other one feel jealous. While this may seem effective at first, this does not really accomplish anything at all but to hurt each other even more; and that is the last thing that you wanted to do.

If you are serious in wanting to get back with your ex, then you must always remember not to bring up the past. If you and your ex are still friends or you have some form of communication, then try not to bring up past hurts, mistakes or what made you break up with him or her in the first place. Try to be understanding of the situation and show the person how you want things to move forward. Bringing up the past will only lead you to open old wounds and that is a pretty nasty thing to do.

How not to get back with your ex does not end there, but you must also remember not to rush into things. When you feel as if you are ready to jump into another relationship with your ex, take a pause and think about what’s going to happen. Examine your feelings carefully and make sure that you make your communication lines open to one another.


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