It is very possible to get your ex girlfriend back after breaking up with her. What you need are the proper things to do to successfully get them back as soon as possible. You should follow the guides below to learn more.

Language of Desires

There are steps you need to follow to get your ex girlfriend back. One of the steps is called the contact method. After you’ve taken time for yourself and to meditate on your relationship, your ex girlfriend should contact you since you are not contacting her. If it has been two weeks and no contact, you may want to start it but you need to have a reason. You need a reason to contact your ex. You may have reasons to contact like wanting to pay her bills or things to give back to them. You can often call to ask how they are going since that break up, if you don’t have any reason to contact them. When this contact eventually occurs, you must remain confident, poised and keep your feelings strong.

An emotional breakdown will kill your chances right away. Whenever you are with them, make the conversation light and short. Do not let out every thing you would like to say especially your feelings to them because by so doing they will find out that you still love them very much and misses them all this while. They will also notice what you went through, the loneliness, the grieve and the training you gave to yourself since the break up. And once they know all these things, they will take it for granted.

Remember that the goal of this conversation is to set up a meeting with your ex girlfriend over a walk in the park or coffee to talk about how each other is doing. Don’t talk too much and do not, I mean do not bring up the break up. Once the meeting has been planned, get out. You can now get ready for the final phase of the plan which is the seduction stage.

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