How do I win my ex girlfriend back is something that most of us think of when we still pine for our ex girlfriends. Every girl is special and there will be qualities in your ex girlfriend that will never be there in other girls. If you had loved your girl for what she was, and is sadly now your ex, you may have a feeling in your mind that if you ever had a chance, you would have liked to get her back. Do not leave things to the sad world of ‘ifs’, be a man and get your ex girlfriend back.

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Here are some answers to the plausible question, “How do I win my ex girlfriend back?’

1. Throw your ego out of the window: Accept the breakup and take full blame for the relationship gone wrong. Call your ex girlfriend up or text message her and say that you are sorry for the way things went and say that you wished you could change it for the better. Wish your ex girlfriend best of luck in her life.

2. Disappear: Your ex girlfriend will surely be pleased by your attitude but since she is scathed with the relationship status, may not respond so willingly. After you have done your bit, disappear from her life. Do not be available to her for some period of time. It is advisable that you do not respond for a month. In this period of time, you may prefer to go for a vacation or a trip to some place where you can forget your stress. Communicate with your ex after your return. Since you have been not around, it is normal for a person to find out how you’ve been doing. If you see her missed calls on your phone, reply to them after a day or two. The delay can play on her psyche making your ex feel guilty about the break-up.

3. Take baby steps towards the patch up: Once your ex girlfriend and you start communicating, do not rush towards inviting her for a date. Take gradual steps through phone calls and online chat. Later ask her if she could take some time off for a cup of coffee. Be informal, relaxed but not too personal on your coffee date with her. If the coffee date with your ex girlfriend goes well, you can invite her for a lunch or dinner next time. These tender moments will not pressurize your girl, but yet make her start thinking about you seriously.

4. Propose to her: It has always been the man’s job to propose a woman, females love it that way. So after you both hit it off again, you can propose to your ex again say that she has always been the love of your life. Just make sure that you mean what you say. Choose the right occasion for saying so and make sure you keep the mystery hanging in her mind, before you confess your love to your ex girlfriend.

But your situation isn’t as hopeless as it may appear. You can learn a cutting edge approach to successful reuniting with your ex girlfriend. These methods have been used by many, myself included, with an extraordinary degree of success. Please visit to find out how you can get your ex back in your life again and make it better than it was before.

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