The first thing to realize after a break up is that you’re surrounded by negativity. All of the desperate emotions you’re feeling after your girlfriend broke up with you are going to reflect back upon your personality. Hopelessness, desperation, anger, betrayal… all of these factors will influence the things you do right after a breakup. And this is bad, because most guys trying to win back a girlfriend do so immediately after getting dumped.

Language of Desires

Don’t let these negative feelings push your ex girlfriend even further away. By allowing them to melt away and keeping a level head, you’ll be greatly increasing the chances of getting back together with your ex. Anything and everything you do should be in a calm, confident manner. Therefore, getting over your break up is the first step along the path to reconciliation.

Does your ex still have love in her heart for you? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got a very good chance of winning her back. Most women who break up with a guy still harbor intense feelings for him, but choose to bury those feelings as a way of moving on. Your goal right now is to find those emotions, play upon them, and draw them back to the surface. You do this by pushing on the exact emotional hot buttons that will cause your ex girlfriend to miss you, want you, and need you again.

The benefits of this approach are even better when you consider this: your ex will come back to you. Because she returns to the relationship thinking it’s her own idea, your future together will be much stronger than if you came crawling to her and she just “took you back”. Many people wonder “How do I get my girlfriend back?”. The answer is you don’t…

how does she get you back would be a better question.

Patience is of the utmost importance in getting back with your ex. You’ll need to start your quest by ridding yourself of the negativity surrounding your break up, and then throwing off the shackles of your ruined relationship. Sound fancy? It’s really not. What I’m saying here is you can’t cling to your old relationship, thinking you can somehow fix your breakup. Instead, step out it and concentrate on creating a new long-term relationship with your ex-girlfriend. When the two of you get back together – and believe with all your heart that you will – you’ll be building a new romance on an all new foundation. This will make it stronger than if you’d built on the crumbling ruins of the old one.

From here, stepping back is necessary. Your ex is expecting you to chase her, to fight her on the break up, and to hunt her down for answers as to why you broke up. The best thing to do is none of these things. By stepping out of the equation, two good things are happening. First, you’re clearing your own head and allowing yourself time to heal. You cannot get over your relationship if you’re still calling, talking to, or emailing your ex girlfriend. Second, you’re giving her time and space to consider life without you. Your ex can’t miss you until you’re gone, so the sooner you go away the quicker she’ll realize that she’s truly alone. Over time, missing you will turn to wanting you again. Steering clear of your ex always, and I mean always hastens the reconciliation process. It’s the fastest way to get back together with your ex girlfriend.

There are 8 individual steps necessary to winning back your ex, and these are just some opening moves. To read a complete, detailed guide to getting back together, be sure to check out how to Get Back An Ex Girlfriend!