Do you wonder how do I get my ex back? This article will show you three different strategies to get my ex back. These are not strategies that can be done in conjunction with one another. Pick one path and stick to it.

Language of Desires

The first path is to be needy. This is not a recommended path. When you are needy, you write lots of love letters, pester them with dozens of texts or emails, and call them at least five times a day. Unless your ex is a real wimp, this will probably turn them off rather than get your ex back.

The alternative to being needy is the second path which is to be available. If you have some hope that your ex will want you back after you have given them a little bit of space, your best strategy is simply to be available. Answer their phone calls and emails, give them a shoulder to cry on, and dont harass them about getting back together. Its okay to go on with your life and date other people during this period, but dont flaunt it in your exs face.

If you follow the available path, youll just show up places where your ex is likely to be hanging out. Youll find occasional excuses to call your ex (but never more than once every few days).

In this path, you will also send emissaries to him or his friends broaching a reconciliation.

But if you dont think being available is going to work, you can choose the third path which is to be aggressive about other people. If you choose the aggressive path, you are going to play on one of mankinds primal urges, namely jealousy.

This third path could also be called date your exs best friend because that is one of the strategies on this path.

What you will want to do is make yourself your exs dream girl (or guy) and then pursue his friends. When you show up at places he or she hangs out, you will pay lavish attention to your exs friends and none whatsoever to him or her.

When you do land a date with your exs friend, you should text your ex and ask him what kind of restaurant to make reservations at for your date. Get in your exs face with the fact that you are on the market.

As your ex sees that you are a valuable commodity, they will want you back. Jealousy is a powerful human emotion.

Be aware that playing games like this could backfire. If you invest a lot of emotion in tricking your ex into wanting you and he or she really is over you, you could hurt yourself badly. Only you can decide whether this strategy is worth the consequences it may cause you.

So, there are three different paths to how to get my ex back.

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