Are you desperately trying to get back your ex girlfriend but it seems like everything you do only pushes her further away? Feeling lost while trying to figure out your next step? Well don’t worry because in this article we will cover three killer tips to you put back on the road to recovery.

Language of Desires

Although no one will say it is easy trying to recover a lost relationship, there are a lot of things that you can do to give yourself a big advantage that do not come intuitively when you are in a highly emotional state.

Break Off Contact

Although at first glance it may seem completely the wrong thing to do, breaking off contact with your ex is a critical first step. Not breaking off contact often leads to desperate phone calls, emails and text messages. These are obviously just going to drive a wedge between you even deeper making the task of getting her back that much harder. Step away and let the tensions ease between you.


The first positive step you need to take toward reconciliation is to evaluate your relationship. Part one of this process is to think back and reevaluate the good things that happened while you were together. Part two of this process is to think back and reevaluate the problems you had when you were together. Remember to try and think of these things in terms of not only your feelings, but also hers.

Back To Basics

Now it is time to go back to basics so we can begin the process of reestablishing your relationship. The best way to do this is to look at your list of the good things that you developed in step two and then uses that information to restart your relationship. What you are going to do is show her the things that made her want to be with you and fall in love with you in the first place to prove to her than those things are still there for her. Don’t push too hard though. You are basically trying to win her heart just as you did the first time.

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