If your ex starts to try to flirt with you whenever you see each other, or if he shows interest in spending time with you again, then there is a possibility that there is hope for your reconciliation. Take care do not get ahead of the game, you must constantly be thinking ‘how can I tell if my ex wants to get back with me’?

Language of Desires

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These are certainly the most frequently displayed opening signs that there may be some interest by your ex inn getting back with you. Just remember- slow and easy, act a little (only a little) hard to get, if your ex is really interested in getting back with you this will increase their interest. If you act too quickly now you may find that he or she may think this is too easy and hold back.  

If your relationship for several months or years then it is almost certain that there will be a certain feeling of emptiness of missing each other. Whatever the cause of the breakup, you have certain shared memories of things you did together, so you each may be feeling regret that it has ended this way, and regret is a powerful emotion. So if you are thinking ‘if my ex wants me back’, what happens next?, then he or she may be thinking the same thing, with the same hopes.

Another and most unpleasant emotion your ex could be feeling is the desire to get revenge on you, for some perceived wrong that they feel you were responsible for, true or false, that helped to bring an end to your relationship. If this is the case, and it may be hard for you to tell at the beginning as he or she may see you still love them, and just play you along to get attention for themselves and have no wish to get back with you. So take things slowly and play a little hard to get if their aim is to get back with you then this will increase their interest and if not it will take the ‘fun out of it for them, and save you from getting hurt all over again.

This happens a lot when you are wondering ‘how can I tell if my ex wants me back’, think carefully before you  take any action. Playing hard to get is the best way forward and you will find out quickly this way, if your ex wants to get back with you. If not move on and spare yourself more hurt.

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look at my site and video www.waystogetyourexback.info you will find advice that has helped many of my friends.

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