So she walked out and left you and now you’re thinking how “Can I get my girlfriend back.” The problem is this might not be the way to go right now. Look at all the angles and see if its even worth it first rather than dealing with the pain of going through a split again with her. Without a doubt when you ask “How Can I get my girlfriend back” you are setting yourself up for what could be lots of emotional problems coupled with nothing but a big ol’ fat heartbreak.

Language of Desires

This is what I need you to do. Make a couple of lists for yourself. One is for reasons for “How Can I get my girlfriend back” and the other list will be reasons to just avoid that whole thought to begin with and avoid at all costs.

With the list of reasons about “How Can I get my girlfriend back” you will keep track of all these reasons that’s her you need. From there you will discover as you search what exactly about this whole thing makes your life better when you’re with her. Look for the things that stick out the most are most obvious as well as the little things.

On the second list that is against, do some good research and find out why it is you two shouldn’t be together. What kind of things in your personality does she bring out in you? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Observe both lists as you compile them and be honest with the results.

If you come to the conclusion that you should be together then comes the part where you express yourself and tell her how you feel. You may be totally convinced that the two of you are perfect together but until she is You could be totally convinced but until she is on board with this decision of yours it does not matter.

Obviously these types of things are done face to face rather than over the telephone so make plans accordingly. If you have behaved well enough she should give you that opportunity and hear you out. If you can keep that friendly relationship it will only benefit you so keep this in mind. If she is unwilling to meet or speak to you then there’s not much you can do when you thinking about “How Can I get my girlfriend back.”

The hardest thing to deal with is if she is very unwilling to even think about getting back together with you. So from that standpoint there really isn’t much you will be able to do. You can sit around and try and be patient and wait for her but what good does that do you? You need to be able to admit it when things aren’t going to workout and then move on with your life. If this is the decision she makes hang in there because it doesn’t mean that this is something you deserve. If she is ready for a fresh start then maybe you should be too. The question, “How Can I get my girlfriend back?” may be a tough one to answer but don’t let that decide the way your life is going to be lived. Rise about it all!

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