Most of us at one point experienced a problem in a relationship. Break-ups are sometimes inevitable. You will get advice to move on and start over.  However, you still want your ex back. Should you just let go? If you want your ex back and you think the relationship deserves a second chance then there is really nothing to lose for trying. You just need to keep in mind that it might take a lot of work. Still the possibility of getting back together is just around the corner.

Language of Desires

So the question is how can I get my ex back? Well first, let us talk about the not to do stuff. Do not beg your ex to take you back. That is too desperate of a move. Your ex should go back to your arms because of love not pity or fear. You should also stop calling your ex every 15 minutes to show you still care. This pathetic move will just scare your ex away. If you are thinking to make your ex jealous besides being a lame tactic, it could work against you big time. Your ex might see it as a sign that you have already moved on and he/she might do the same.

The first step to answer the question How can I get my ex back is established why the breakup happened in the first place. If it is a fight that triggers the break up, think about that event. Maybe your ex got issues with your behavior. You need to deal with these issues when you get back together to prevent going back to the same situation repeatedly.  An on and off again relationship will not work. Your effort of getting your ex back will just go to waste if you keep fighting over the same thing.

The next step is being strong and independent. Too much drama will just annoy your ex more. It might be the reason your ex left in the first place.

Stop being needy and show everyone that you are fine. They know you are broken hearted so do not look like it.

When you are ready, you should set-up a meeting with your ex to talk things over. Open the line of communication to give each other the time to explain without being defensive. This way you two would realized your mistakes. Talking might also bring back good memories. Going back to the time why you love the person and the reason why you stay in the relationship. Its time to weigh in if a second chance is worth it.

Getting back with your ex is not hard especially if the feeling is still there. You just need to make your ex realize that the relationship is still worth saving and you two are good together.  Incase you two were back together be consistent. Make a conscious effort to change. However, if your ex no longer wants you back, respect the decision and moved on. Maturity may not win your ex back but at least you got the respect.

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