Who can help me get my ex back?

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You have to help yourself get your ex back. It won’t be easy. But if you are serious and dedicated you can get your ex back.

How can you help me get my ex back?

I can offer a couple suggestions. First take it slow or you will scare them away. You have to realize that the long term effect is better than a short term gain. Relax and take your time. Don’t rush into anything and realize that you scared them away because you acted too quickly.

Help me get my ex back.

O.k. If you are serious. Write down a list of good points that you like about your ex. Then ask your ex if they will do it about you. No commitments. You just want to improve yourself and would like the advise.

What if they won’t do it?

That’s o.k. You write your list down. If they won’t cooperate you can mail it to them. Most people will be anxious to know what you say about them. Storm warn them that you are mailing to them. You might get a list later, just don’t worry about it.

Will this really help me get my ex back?

It is a good start and the more you know about yourself the better you will be in solving problems that can happen in this or the next relationship. The stronger we make ourselves the better we make any relationship that we become involved in.

O.k. So if I become a better person it might help me get my ex back.

Yes, and it will help you become more confident in all the areas of your life. When we are happy we give more to the world. When we give we receive. Get it.

Yes, Help me get my ex back and the world is a better place.

O.k. Just try to be a better person.

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