Longing for the return of your ex girlfriend? Action is what you really need right now. However, before taking any action which can be a serious mistake, you should read the following secrets. Hopefully, with those secrets, she would come back to you sooner than expected.

Language of Desires


Now am going to go straight to the point here. The secret to getting your ex girlfriend back is to make her want you back. We all know that a lady would usually find ways to get whatever she want, even if it means going against her common sense or inconveniencing herself. Make your ex girlfriend want you, and she might just come running after you.


By now you should be wondering; how do you get your ex girlfriend back by making her want you? The answer is simply to become the kind of guy she wants without giving up on who you really are. It’s all about shifting your grounds and getting a mid-point where both of you would be comfortable. You should be willing to do so much if you really care for her, and truly want to get your ex girlfriend back.


Let me give you an example to help you grab this concept better. Bill’s girlfriend, Sarah, really cared about him, and she was always eager make him happy. But there was only one thing about Bill that Sarah couldn’t live with and that was his excessive drinking. She had spoken to him about if several times, but Bill never took the time to hear her out, and would hurriedly dismiss the topic any time it came up. Finally Sarah couldn’t stand to see him gulp down one more bottle of beer, so she left him. Bill was devastated, and so was Sarah, but she made it plain she that she never wanted to see him again.


Four weeks later Bill went to visit his friend, Jane, who also happened to be Sarah’s close friend. During their conversation, Bill discovered that Sarah had an abusive father who drank a lot, and seeing Bill drink so much had brought back so many sad memories of her past. Sarah had told Jane that Bill had never been abusive towards her, but she just couldn’t shake off the memories.


Bill left Jane’s place an enlightened man, and all of a sudden beer was not that important to him anymore. He ran off to Sarah’s place to plead for her forgiveness. He promised never to swallow another drop of beer if she would have him back. At that point Sarah told him that she didn’t mind him having a bottle or two at a time, but walking into a room to see him seated in the mist of about seven cans of beer was what freaked her out.


Bill and Sarah then worked terms that both of them could live with, and within a couple of months their relationship was back in full gear. Sarah was as happy as ever, and Bill was delighted to have his ex girlfriend back in a renewed relationship.


The point is that your ex girlfriend has a picture of the kind of man she wants in mind and she must have seen a bit of that man in you for her to have dated you in the first place. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, your challenge is to become the man in her mind’s picture, and still remain true to who you are. Solve that equation, and you would surely win back the heart of the woman you love.


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