If you found this article, chances are that you have broken up with your boyfriend and are trying to get back together with him. Did you know that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to achieve this? Read on and use the following tips that will greatly improve your chance of getting back together with your ex.

Language of Desires

No doubt you’re thinking very carefully about how to get back together again. A very important tip is not to be anxious about the break up. This will most likely cause you to act in ways that get in the way of getting back together. The anxiety you are feeling can, in effect, cause your boyfriend to pull further away from you. It would be a natural reaction of your boyfriend to feel the need to create further distance between you and him.

So, the first step is to calm down.If you are calling, emailing, or text messaging him constantly, please stop. If you are acting in a way to make him feel sorry for you, please stop. These tactics will not help you get your boyfriend back. If you really want to get him back, follow the plan below for the best results.First of all, you need to take an entirely different approach.

Do not focus on the relationship. Start doing things on your own, independent from him. Do not contact him for awhile. During this time, work on your self to improve your own personal life. To do this will take a lot personal strength but, by doing so, you will actually strengthen the relationship. Please do not be too quick to go back to your old ways of being anxious and trying to constantly communicate with him.

At this point, you will not longer be pursuing him. Your boyfriend will then start to experience a change in feeling about you.

You will appear more mysterious to him. He will not be able to discern your next move because he will not know what to expect next from you. This is a good thing and can often work in your favor.

Your ex boyfriend can now start to actually miss you because you are not constantly trying to re-connect with him.

Hopefully, you now have an understanding of what you first need to do. Follow this strategy and restore a sense of balance in your relationship. Your ex boyfriend will discover why he loved you and wanted to be with you in the first place.

Keep yourself busy and start doing and learning new things. This new balance will have your boyfriend remember the positive and loving aspects of your relationship and will result in him reaching out to contact you.

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