Relationships are fragile bonds that are to be handled with care. At times when a relationship becomes very difficult to handle and the only escape when things get bad is a break up. A break up can be messy and painful especially if it resulted in exchange of hurtful words and fights. A break up is often followed by heartache, depression and an obsession to get your ex back.

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The first thing to remember in getting your ex back is you need to understand your ex. Just because your ex broke up with you it doesn’t really mean that the relationship didn’t mean anything to them. They too might be suffering just the same way as you. It is quite possible that they may be hurting more than you because they were the ones to call it off.

If your ex is hurting the same way as you it is quite possible that there are good chances of getting your ex back into your life. You need to handle the situation with maturity and tenderness. You need to be careful while approaching them as something you might do or say may hurt them even more and damage any chances that you have to get your ex back.

Before even trying to get your ex back, you first need to take a good look at yourself. Take time alone and think about the things that happened in the past. If you guys were so much in love, what went wrong? Take a look within, was it something you did or said that made them take such a drastic step. Once, you pin point your mistakes, try to change yourself and become the person your ex loved.

When you approach your ex, be open to criticism and any reaction that you might get. Be ready to accept your faults and take the blame. Getting your ex back might be much easier for you if you are ready to listen to what they say.

Be patient and show some tenderness. There must be something bothering and troubling your ex deep inside their heart, that’s why they took such a step. Be gentle and understanding and get them to speak it out.

They may get emotional and upset and might use a few harsh words at you. Don’t let it get to you because if you get emotional and fight back then it will surely mess up the situation even more and you will ruin all your chances of getting your ex back. Make them feel that you realize your mistake and are ready to change. Give them their space and time to think things clearly. Your love might be more important than your mistakes and your ex might realize that and come running back to you.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you?

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