Follow these following 5 steps to get your ex back with you if you still love her from the bottom of your heart.

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After the breakup, you might have tried a dozen ways to move on. You tried distracting yourself and doing a million things to keep yourself occupied. You stayed long hours at the office, went out with friends everywhere, and gotten yourself a new hobby. But for some reasons, you keep thinking about your ex-boyfriend and you could not move on.


1. Put yourself in your ex-boyfriend’s position. You know him pretty well so you also have a good idea of what he might be thinking at this stage. Quite probably, he is also thinking of you and of the relationship that you had. He would be thinking of the good times that you shared and the memories he has of you. In this case, you can still re-enter his life and get him back into a relationship with you.


2. Try to analyze your relationship and the issues that led to the breakup. This might be a little difficult to accomplish because you might not like some of the things that you will find out. Be brave and look back objectively at the relationship and list down the issues that you found out and ask yourself how you and your ex can get over these issues.


3. Go out on dates. Technically, you are single and available again. Naturally, guys would ask you to go out on dates. Except, of course, if you are wallowing in self-pity and you are letting yourself become ugly in the process. When your ex finds out about this and sees that you are handling yourself well, he will get jealous and might even try to confront you.



Give your ex-boyfriend a chance. Your boyfriend will try to get in touch with you and will ask you to get together on a date for old time’s sake. Since you still love your boyfriend, give him a chance. After all, what you have shared together is not to be lightly taken. When he tries to pursue and woo you again, enjoy the attention and the affection he shows you but show him that your options are open.


5. Lastly, get together with your ex when both of you have arrived at an understanding regarding the nature and direction of your relationship. According to a cliché, “love is sweeter the second time around.” This will only become a reality if both of you will work it out.


In the meantime you have to apply these five steps to get him back and before long, you will be in the process of reconciliation.


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