Getting Back Together


How To Win Back An Ex The Wrong Way

The Most Important Words to Say to Get Her Back

Sometimes, there are magic words you can say to get her back. Yes, you read that right. All it takes really are the right words.

Im Sorry

These are some of the most difficult words to say in the vocabulary because they express so many things and theyre rarely positive. These words also mean that you did something wrong, enough to warrant an apology. These words mean that you had hurt your ex girlfriend, and thats nothing to be proud about either.

But in the end if you truly want to get her back then surely its such a small thing to ask in return of having her back in your life.

I Love You

The original magic words, right? But sometimes, time has a way of getting to you that you dont realize its been a long, long time since youve last uttered them. And then other things complicate matters. Youre too proud to say it first. You feel you dont deserve to say the words anymore. You feel that your ex wont appreciate the words anyway.

But what if you can get her back if only youd take the courage to say these words? I love you. If you truly love her then it shouldnt be hard.

I Trust You

This is the kind of statement that has to be accompanied with actions. Actually, actions speak louder than words in this case but a verbal confirmation just makes it sweeter. Lets say jealousy had been the root of your problems. Now, you want to get her back and youre ready to say goodbye to your extremely jealous nature. If so, you can start by saying these words: I trust you.

Keep in mind however that all of the words listed here are guaranteed to get her back only if you do mean those words sincerely and there truly is a valid reason for you to say them. Saying sorry for instance, wont quite cut it if youre saying them just to get her back but without meaning it. Saying sorry even though you know you have nothing to really apologize for isnt good either.

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