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Get Him Back – Make Him Think It’s His Idea to Get Back Together (Sneaky Eh?)

The sneakiest way to get him back is to make him think it’s his idea and before you say that’s impossible, you need to read further. It’s not as difficult as you might think with a little psychology.

Here’s the deal. From the exact moment that he broke up with until right now at this moment, he feels empowered. He feels like he is dominant and that he is in complete control. Because of that, he also expects you to react in a certain way. When you do, it only reinforces what he is already feeling.

For example, if you call, text and email him telling him how sorry you are and how much you love him, he’s going to eat it up because it makes him feel like he has control of you. Understand? His ego is in control and he is lovin it. You’ll never get him back that way.

However, a couple of good right hooks to his ego will bring it all crashing down around him and then his vulnerability will begin to show. He won’t feel so big and strong and manly at this point and he will be forced to deal with his feelings for you.

Now the question is, how exactly do you make that happen? Well actually it’s quite simple. Like I said previously, do the opposite of what he expects you to do.

One sure-fire way to throw a powerful right hook to his ego is to simply let him know that you agree with him about the break up. Now wait! Don’t freak out on me here. Think about it. He expects you to fall apart but instead you agree with him. That will really throw him a curve ball he’s not expecting.

The trick is to keep your emotions out of the way. You don’t need any drama at this stage if you’re going to get back with him. Just send him a quick little email that says something like, “Hey I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you about the break up. My life has really turned around and some great things have happened. Well I gotta run. Busy, busy ya know. See ya.”

His brain will immediately go into overdrive trying to decipher your message. This one little message alone could really throw him for a loop. He suddenly won’t feel so powerful anymore.

Of course you could do this with a text message too but if he texts you back, don’t reply. At least not for 3 or 4 days. Same with the email. Just be absolutely sure of what you should say when you do respond, which is the next step. This trick most definitely needs to be part of your over all plan to get him back into your arms. You MUST know what to do every step of the way or you will find yourself going crazy trying to figure out what to do next.

Now you can enhance this method with things like going out with your friends, smiling and laughing at every opportunity and always looking your absolute best wherever you go, even if it’s just a quick run to the store. You never know who you might see you out and about and will tell your ex. You just might even run into him too.

The whole point here is that if you do this correctly, he will feel that he’s lost the control he thought he had. When that happens, he will start thinking he may have made a mistake breaking up with you and suddenly you are the one with the power. Even if he doesn’t make the first move, you will be the one that is in control of the situation and that is exactly what you want if you truly want to get him back.

Caution: This is only one piece of the pie. This tip alone won’t bring him back to you. You need a complete plan so that you will know exactly what to say and do each step of the way. Without a plan, it’s a shot in the dark that could leave you in a worse position than when you started. Look how easy it is to develop your plan right here: GET EX BACK

Getting an Ex Girlfriend Back May Be Easier Than You Might Think

Would you like to get an ex girlfriend back? When it comes to breakups three quarters of the time it’s the woman who will call it quits. By now you have probable noticed that women are irrational creatures. They often say or do things that aren’t always in their best interest. It’s very common for a woman to be ready to get back together within days of a breakup. But in a lot of cases she will be embarrassed about the scene that she made and won’t want to tell you that she would like to make up and get back together. In this case it’s going to be up to you to make the first move if you want to get your ex girlfriend back.

If you want to get an ex girlfriend back you will have to use an approach from two angles. Not only will you have to show her that you are available and want her back, but you will also have to demonstrate to her that you are desirable.

If you know what the main reason for the breakup was you may have to address that. For example, maybe there were some things that you used to do together that she enjoyed but as the relationship became more settled you stopped doing these things. Whatever it may be, you may have to show her the parts of the relationship that she was missing.

Whatever it was that caused the breakup and if there was something that was lacking find a way to fill it. Show her the side of you that she fell in love with while at the same time demonstrating that whatever caused the breakup has changed for the better.

Don’t bombard her with phone calls or text messages but instead give her some space. Then after a couple weeks casually invite her to do something that you both would enjoy together as just friends.

She will probably jump at the chance to do something she enjoys with a man she may still be in love with. She may even start hinting about getting back together. At this point the ball is in your court and you can set the terms on how to get back together with your ex on your terms.

If your ex broke up with you in a fit of pique then started regretting it after realizing she didn’t want the relationship to end, this is a way to get your ex girlfriend back.

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I Think My Ex Wants Me Back ? How Can I Be Sure?

Life is filled with uncertainty. One of the most unbearable is the uncertainty that comes after a breakup when you think your ex wants you back. The signs may be blinking before your eyes like a bright neon sign but there will always be this tiny little voice of doubt and fear in the back of your mind that isn’t sure she’s really interested in getting back together with you.

Unfortunately for you, there’s only one thing you can do in order to know for sure that your ex girlfriend is interested in getting back together with you. You have to ask her. That means putting it all on the line and taking the risk that you’re misreading everything because you want it to be so. It’s a hard decision for a man like you, who’s already been hurt by her to make. It’s a risk and not one that all men in this position are willing to take.

Here are a few signs that she might be interested in making things work with you again that you can look for before you risk your heart and your pride all over again by asking her if she’s interested in a second chance with you.

1) She’s coming up with all sorts of excuses to get in touch with you. She’s probably gone for months without a word, visit, tweet, text message, or email. If she’s suddenly everywhere all the time then that’s a good sign that she’s at least marginally interested in reconnecting.

2) She starts making small talk about the good old days you had together. When she’s waxing romantic about your relationship it’s usually a pretty broad hint that she misses the good times your relationship represents to her. It’s definitely a sign to smile about if you’re interested in getting your ex back.

3)  She seems to find a lot of reasons to touch you. Whether it’s hugging you in greeting, putting her hand on your arm when she laughs, or playfully pushing you when you say something funny the more opportunities she takes to touch you the bolder her signals are becoming.

To some degree it is a guessing game. There are no signs that offer definitive proof. The odds are definitely in your favor when more than one of these signs are present however. Whether you’ve been looking for ways to get your ex back after your breakup or you’re simply interested in whether or not your ex wants to get back with you, these are some great signs to be on the lookout for.

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