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How to Win Him Back – Start With These Tips!

So you want to know how to win him back. You may not know what even caused the break up and that is the reason you don’t know if winning him back is possible.

Almost all relationship problems can be traced to bad communication.

One of the first things to do when you’ve had a break up is to calmly ask why. Hopefully the break up isn’t so bad that he won’t even speak to you, but if that’s the case, it is possible to simply suck up your pride and send a text, a card or a note with an apology. Not the kind of apology that includes excuses for behavior or that claims ignorance, but simply, “Please forgive me, can we talk?”.

Once you get some sort of communication line reestablished, don’t be selfish. Let him do the talking. Spending a bunch of time making excuses or telling your side is definitely not how to win him back and could very well be one of the reasons he’s unhappy with the relationship. Just let him tell you what’s going on and why he’s no longer happy with your relationship. Be aware that on occasion there is nothing you can do about certain choices he’s making, however, if the issue is simply miscommunication in either body language or actual words, these can be easily fixed on both sides.

Women have a tendency to talk a lot and sometimes men don’t get to say what’s going on with them. If their wife or girlfriend can simply let them speak and listen intently, this can relieve much frustration. Men don’t generally use as many words, so this shouldn’t be a difficult process. Listen and instead of offering advice, ask if they’d like some. Otherwise, simple encouragement and an expression of love and caring about the issues can say a good deal.

If it’s not communication but the flame is out, there are several ways to rekindle it.

Men enjoy attention and love it when their girl makes them feel important. This involves making sure that you do your best to look and smell nice when you’re with him. I know it goes against a great deal of societies progressive thinking, but men are still creatures motivated by sight, regardless of their progressive facade and looking good when you’re with him can truly help warm up the cooling embers.

Reading some good relationship books and improving your understanding of your guy, taking an interest in what he’s interested in, paying attention to the signs of a weakening relationship are all ways that help you know how to win him back.

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