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Sorry Letters To Help You Win Her Back


Hurting someone can be a total pain. If you have offended somebody and haven’t thought about fixing things, then its time for you to be humble enough and admit your mistakes. Remember that second chances are not guaranteed. It is best that you immediately fix things after the incident because delaying it will only give you future problems.

We value people in our everyday encounters. However, there are instances where hurting and offending people are inevitable. If we are confronted with these situations, we must be sensitive enough to acknowledge our mistakes. True enough, it could be very difficult to accept ones’ mistakes. Yet, being true to yourself will merit you the confidence of other people. Sorry letters will surely help you express some unwritten thoughts and feelings.

Dear Friend,

I know that things have not been doing well. We haven’t spoken for a few days and I feel guilty about it. I wish could find the courage to speak to your personally and explain what happened. Just so you know, I have been thinking about the distance since the day we had the heated argument. It wasn’t supposed to be like that however I wasn’t able to control my temper. I know I should not let it out on you. You were as innocent as the rest of the people are. I sincerely apologize for what happened. I may have yelled at you however I want you to know that the words I have told you were unintentional. I feel very guilty of what happened. I know that what I did was unforgiveable. I hope you can find time to talk to me personally so that I can apologize for my mistake.

Sincerely yours,

Your Friend

Sorry letters are indeed the best way to express our deepest regret. There are times when we feel embarrassed when admitting our mistakes but that should not be the case. We must be humble in admitting our faults and know that we should do our part to mend the broken relationship. If we have offended people who are dear to us, we must take necessary steps in correcting our wrong gestures.


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