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My Ex Wants Some Space – How Do I Make My Stale Ex Relationship Fresh?

My relationship was going fine, when out of the blue, my ex wants some space. How do I make my stale ex relationship fresh again, because I want my ex back. These are things that happen from time to time, when both people in a relationship don’t work on keeping it fresh. Every relationship has to be worked on to keep it from going stale and becoming boring. Nobody wants to live in a boring relationship, and it sometimes takes some extra work to keep it from breaking up, just out of boredom.

There are many reasons why one person in a relationship might want some space. The best thing to do is try to stay friendly and pleasant with your ex. Don’t push them but try to find out what the reason was that they wanted some space. If they just don’t love you anymore, then you just have to move on because you can’t make someone love you. But chances are that’s not the reason. If your ex still has feelings for you, then the relationship can be mended, but it takes work on both sides.

First you have to find out what led to your ex wanting some space. Once you find out, you can work on it, but you can only fix what you control. So, if the reason is something you said or did, you can fix that. But if its not what you said or did, but it might be something else like a family matter or just something stressful that your ex couldn’t handle anymore. If that’s the case then your ex has to figure it out and how to deal with it because you have no control over that, so you can’t fix it.

Be supportive of your ex and help them get through the difficult time. Be understanding and keep an open mind. Find out if your ex still has strong feelings for you and if they do, tell them that you will help them get over their problem. Tell them that you’ll be there for them and that your willing to give the relationship another try. Don’t press the issue but be friendly and offer your support and help. After the reason for the breakup is out in the open, you have to decide if it can be put back together. If the relationship ended because it just got stale, that can be fixed. But if it ended for some serious reason, then you need to evaluate the problem, understand what got it to that point, and decide if it can be rekindled. All relationships are not destined to continue.

Don Paquin (aka Poppss) I’ve been online for over 10 years helping people find information they want and need for everyday living. There are many reasons a relationship can breakup. If both in the relationship don’t continue to work on it, it can become stale and boring. Keep the relationship fresh and enjoyable. Communication has to stay open and honest for any relationship to continue to grow. Have respect for each other, be committed to making the relationship work. These are a few of the basic things to do to start to get your ex back. For more understanding help, Click the link

How Can I Get My Boyfriend Back? Important Advice For Relationship Repair

On a daily basis, some new people somewhere ask the question: “How can I get my boyfriend back?” This is due to the fact that relationships break up almost every day, leaving people with broken hearts.

When dealing with this question, it is not advisable to give some sort of generic answer that suits every situation. There is no single solution that addresses the needs of everybody with the same satisfaction.

If you are concerned with how to “get my boyfriend back”, there are a number of things you can make use of. In order to receive the greatest benefit, you should make use of the right combination of methods.

One thing is certain: relationship repair is a reality, and many women have managed to get back with their boyfriends. So, you shouldn’t spend your life in misery as you wonder how to “get my boyfriend back”. You need to act instead. But of course, you must first of all be aware of the right course of action you should take. Here’s important advice.

Be grateful

You should not take appreciating your boyfriend for granted. Appreciation has a lot of influence in men as well.

When you are grateful to your boyfriend, he will realize that he is making valuable contribution in some significant way. It is understandably difficult to show your gratitude once you have broken up. However, you can still let him know the areas where you were grateful to him. And when you are back together, take full advantage of gratitude.

Make him curious

After reasonable time has elapsed since your break-up, you should take the initiative to get in touch with your ex boyfriend. Drop him a note telling him that you really appreciate him and you would like to thank him personally.

Your boyfriend would be curious what exactly you appreciate him for. Remember the power of gratitude we have just touched on.

Make your note brief and don’t ruin it by getting too specific. Let that wait for the time you meet him. This means that you must have something you really want to thank him for when you finally meet.

The guy will not only be interested in finding out what you are grateful for but also how specifically you would like to thank him.

He may get so curious that he decides to call you up. Do not do the mistake of picking the phone. Have a good plan on what you want to do when you meet instead.

Do not rely on just one plan. Have an alternative plan in place that you can swiftly turn to in case things don’t turn out as you expected.

That is why you need a step-by-step guide on how to make an effective plan to get my boyfriend back If you have 5 minutes, take the time to watch this video at magic of making up They will give you step-by-step instructions on the actions you should be taking.

Saving a Relationship – How to Rekindle Love and Get Your Partner Back

Saving a relationship can be a long process but it can be done. Unfortunately there is no magic wand to get your partner back. If you want to rekindle love and get a lost relationship back, then you are probably going to need to make some changes. If you’re not prepared to change, then it’s highly unlikely that you will get your love back and, even if you do, you are probably just going to end up getting more of the same misery that caused your break up in the first place.

The first step in saving a relationship is to work out why you want to get the relationship back together. Where is your longing for your lost relationship really coming from? If you want your relationship back because of your feelings of loneliness or desperation, then it may be better to deal with these feelings first before you try again. If you know that the partner you lost is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then you’d better be sure that you can accept and love this person exactly as they are. Think back over all their little quirks that used to irritate you and work out why you found them hard to handle last time around. You need to know what you can tolerate and what you can’t.

Next, if you want to get things back together then you will have to make changes in the areas where it all went wrong. This might take some working out as you may have been blaming your ex-partner for the problems in your relationship. Now it’s time to take responsibility for your part in the split. If you can’t do this or if you think that it was all your partner’s fault, then this is not going to be a good basis for getting the relationship back together.

Now you know what went wrong, what are you going to change about the future? You can only change yourself, you can’t expect your ex to change unless they want to. Work out how you can start to make these changes now. Don’t wait until you get back together. Any improvements will justify the time spent and hold you in good stead even if you don’t make it back as a couple. If you want to rekindle love then you don’t want to make those same mistakes in any future relationship. Don’t just talk about changing – take action and become your best self today. Saving a relationship becomes easier, the more you work on improving yourself.

Now that you have started to make changes, if you want to get back with your ex, you are going to have to take the initiative and get in touch. Don’t do this until you are able to handle it emotionally. If your partner is still in pain from your break up, you will probably have to take some flack, and you need to be able to do so without lashing out yourself. Following your conversation with your ex, you may discover that your ex has no intention of doing anything differently and you may want to re-evaluate your decision to get back together.

Hopefully you will be able to start to make things better with your ex. Don’t make it obvious that you are desperate to get back together. Aim to rekindle your friendship first and hopefully the love will follow. Keep your communication positive and ditch any blaming or attacking behaviours. Be a sympathetic listening ear for your ex. Take things slowly so you can continue to work on yourself as well as your relationship. Cultivate respect, appreciation and acceptance of the whole person. If you can rediscover the friendship and laughter between you then you have a better chance of rekindling the love. Don’t be pushy – this could be a long job. But if it is worth it, you can succeed and get your lost relationship back.

Get help and a proven plan to rekindle love. These strategies will give you hope and help you to face the future with a positive mind. Learn the steps that you need to take if you want to win your ex back and put your relationship on the road to recovery.


You can also visit the Get Your Ex Back Toolkit for further advice on saving a relationship.

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Do Couples Get Back Together After Separation – Getting Back Together After Separation and Healing Your Relationship

Do Couples Get Back Together After Separation

Getting back together after separation can be a tricky thing for a couple to achieve. In any previously happy relationship, the pain of parting will affect both of the former partners and motivate them towards getting back together. Sadly, the majority of couples who attempt reconciliation after a breakup will end up parting for good.

There could be many factors preventing a couple staying together after attempting reconciliation. Getting back together after a split would not work if the parties were fundamentally unsuitable for each other; perhaps they were basically well-suited but did not know the right way to go about getting back together after the separation and how to heal a damaged relationship.

Getting back together and healing your relationship won’t work out if the relationship was fatally flawed in the first place. Do you truly believe that your ex is the one for you? If you want to get back with your ex because you are lonely or because you liked the habit of being in a relationship, your efforts at reconciliation are doomed from the start. Do Couples Get Back Together After Separation

If you believe that your ex is your one true soul mate your next step is to analyze the cause of the breakup. Getting back together and repeating the same mistakes over again will simply lead to another painful breakup, and this time it will most likely be final.

What did you do that made your ex want to finish the relationship? If your ex left you because of one isolated incident, the way for you to proceed is to tell your ex that you know you were in the wrong, that you are genuinely sorry and will never repeat that behaviour. If your ex decides to take you back, you must stick to your promise never to repeat the behaviour that led to the separation; if you break that promise, you won’t deserve another chance and probably won’t get one.

If the separation from your ex was over some trait of character you exhibited, you need to be sure you can change your behaviour. We can’t change our characters, but we can learn to control how we behave. Controlling character traits can be difficult, so you need to be sure your new-found self-awareness will enable you to modify your behaviour, otherwise you won’t be able to heal your broke relationship.

Persuading your ex to come back to you can be hard if the breakup was caused by something in your character, you have to be able to convince your ex that you fully understand what you were doing wrong and are capable of change. Do Couples Get Back Together After Separation

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How To Win Back A Relationship

First the predicament was how to have a relationship, but through patience, hard work, perseverance, and of course love, one triumphs. The next predicament becomes how to keep a relationship. With even more patience, even more hard work, even more perseverance, and even more love; one should be able to prevail as well. Or would he? Is there an assurance that one need not find one’s self in the next predicament of how to win back a relationship?

The funny, well, the strange thing about relationships is that they need to be constantly worked upon as the people in it are constantly changing. In fact, maintaining a relationship demands more time, more energy, more patience, and even more abilities than keeping a job. Relationships can become tedious in its constant need for assurance and re-assurance, change and adaptation, verbal and silent communication. But despite one’s best effort, there will always be a factor that will affect either of both couples that eventually spells doom for the relationship. Why is it that 50% of marriages end in divorce? Why is it that 3 out of 5 relationships break up? Because people never found the recipe for love and the recipe for how to win back a relationship.

How to win back a relationship starts even before the actual separation. There are premeditated steps one should follow for the whole process to become successful. No matter what part or stage of the break up the relationship already is, hope is not lost. The important thing is that one does not dally into taking action because too much time apart might breed indifference and indifference is one’s biggest enemy. Do not wait too long to start winning back a relationship. Stop moping around, stop listening to love songs, stop wallowing in self-pity.

Be very careful not to fall into the three types of dysfunctional reactions following a break-up: do not exhibit too much distress or preoccupation with the ex; do not act out violent attempts to win back the ex; and do not indulge in ambivalent behavior. Being over emotional and sentimental has no part in winning back a relationship. They will only prove to be self-defeating and more destructive to the person and to the relationship. Get out of bed, go to work, and get on with life. Those are already the first few winning steps in stopping a break up and winning back the relationship.


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