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My Ex Girlfriend Ignores Me ? How to Overcome This and Get Her Back

“My ex girlfriend ignores me. Can I ever get her back?” That’s said by many men after they’ve gone through a relationship melt down. They come out the other side of the break up to be greeted by silence. That’s all fine and dandy unless you happen to love your ex still. If that’s the case, you’re going to feel lost and confused. It may feel impossible to try and get her back if she’s acting as if you don’t even exist anymore. But it is. You can actually use her indifference to your advantage and get her to love you more than you ever thought possible.

If your ex girlfriend ignores you, take that as a big hint. Right now she needs time and distance. By trying to get her to talk to you, you’re just going to end up pushing her farther away. Although it’s very hard to walk away from someone you love, for now that is exactly what you’re going to need to do.

The real reason she is ignoring you may not be what you think at all. You may believe that it’s because she no longer wants to be a part of your life. The reality of the situation could be that she’s closed in on herself because she’s having so much trouble dealing with the break up. By taking a self imposed time out from talking with you, she’s giving herself the opportunity to sort through what she’s feeling.

Your best move in this situation is to honor her need to have some alone time. Stop all your efforts to talk with her and instead give her the room she is obviously in need of. Use that time to think about yourself and what changes you could be making to become a better future partner to her.

You’re probably wondering how ignoring her is going to help you get her back, but it will silently be showing her that you’ve now recognized what she needs from you. She’ll soon notice that your repeated attempts to get her to talk have stopped and that you’re not actively pursuing her anymore. She’ll naturally be both confused and touched by this because it is showing her that you’re willing to take a step back to both give her the perspective she needs and find your own perspective as well.

After a few weeks, contact her again in a very generic way. Don’t inundate her with talk about how deeply you love her. Just call her up and ask how she is. Be genuine and compassionate. This is the best way to open the door towards rebuilding what has been lost. It will have given her ample time to think about what she wants and how much she really does need you after all.

The things you do after your breakup will either set the stage for a reunion with your girlfriend or will ensure she’s gone for good. Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the woman you love. If you still need and want her don’t leave your future with her to chance, there are ways to win her back.

There are guaranteed ways to get her back regardless of why you two split. If you’re tired of feeling heartbroken and if you’re worried about her meeting a new guy, now is the time to get her back for good.

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