Getting Back Together


Getting Your Ex Back – Avoid Name Calling and Getting Physical

If you want to get a chance of getting your ex back you must absolutely avoid doing two things… name calling and getting physical. Regardless how emotionally charged the atmosphere of the situation is you must not do these two things. If you have already done them you have to be prepared that it will be very hard for your ex to ever forget and forgive you. Your chances of ever getting back with your ex have been seriously diminished.

The end of relationship is one of these situations when the emotions run extremely high. Rejected lovers often get so angry that they completely lose control of what they say. Name calling is usually very common occurrence. It has been said that it is one of the worst ways to end relationship as it often burns all bridges behind you. Don’t do it if you want to get your ex back. When people are being rejected by someone they love and trust, they feel hurt and angry. It is especially true when the break-up is unexpected. Trying to verbally hurt a lover of spouse who decided to end the relationship is an instinctive behaviour in this kind of situations. It is natural to react this way as hateful words seem quite powerful at the moment but in reality they are nothing more than just another form of expressing your desperation and anger. Just like begging or crying.

If you want to have a chance of getting your ex back you must avoid fighting these verbal battles. Just stay silent and listen to what your ex has to say. Even if you don’t agree with her/him… stay silent. Do not ask your ex at the end if she/he is through ranting or shouting at you, this will create an even bigger issue. Why create additional problems?

Getting physical with your ex is a clear sign of subdued frustration. If you find yourself in situation that your anger reaches the point that you start throwing things at your ex… just walk away immediately. It can get really serious as you are no longer able to control yourself. It is this time for you to realise how your actions can truly hurt the other party.

At this point it is no longer about getting your ex back… the legal consequences of your actions can be very serious. It is very likely that your neighbours will call the police if they hear that you two are fighting and things are being thrown around. A domestic fight will turn into a domestic violence report and it will result in you spending a night in jail cell. You don’t need additional problems and this kind of behaviour will not help the current condition of your relationship.

You probably want to ask now… but what about me, I am the one who is hurt here.

Your goal is to get back with your ex, right? Well, arguing and fighting with your ex will only validate her/his decision to leave you. You are not going to accomplish anything else with this attitude. It doesn’t matter if you are right about the break-up or how logical you are in your arguments. The relationships are based on feelings and attraction… not on logic or pity. Your ex will worry only about how she/he feels about you and her decision to stay with you or to leave you will be entirely based on it.

If you want to get your ex back you must avoid her/his pity. You have to maintain your dignity and self-respect. Do not compromise these two for even a second. It is extremely difficult task to do if you are involved in a heated argument with your ex… so try to avoid these arguments. Just stay calm or simply walk away.

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