Getting Back Together


How to Win Her Back With These Killer Psychological Mind Moves

She’s currently out of your life, but you obviously want her back into it. If you’re wanting to learn how to win her back then my advice is take control with psychological tactics. Some would say using these tactics is borderline immoral. Their opinions don’t count when it comes to getting her back.

You may not realise but we are all subjected to some sort of psychological mind games almost every day. Governments, employers, even our friends and partners. A typical example is the employee of the month. Employers are using psychological mind games to increase production.

Sneakily get her to return your call This is how it goes. We nearly all love receiving letters, as long as they aren’t bills. So you send her a letter telling her how good things are for you right now. And you also say you want to thank her.

By doing this you raise 2 things in her. Curiosity & pride. She’s curious as to why you want to thank her, and then pride kicks in because you’ve thanked her. We all love being thanked. She cannot resist calling you to find out why you thanked her. You say thank you for (the breakup) making you realise it was the right thing.

Of course the real reason for the letter was to get her to call you. If you play this one right you can eventually have her believe she made first contact with you again. See, you never once in the letter asked her to call you. But she did anyway and that was the whole point of the exercise.

I can show you later on where to get an exact blueprint for the actual letter to send. And some other tricks like this.

Play on her good memories By this I mean everyone has memories that are treasured, and these can be used for your advantage. If for instance you know what her all time fav song is, you can use this. Food and smells are good as well.

If she ever comes to your place or calls you (after receiving the letter!). You have the song on in the background just loud enough for her subconscious mind to hear it. Her subconscious then starts to link her favourite song with you, as those are the most recent memories of her hearing the song. Linking her fav song with you then transfers some of the good stuff she feels about the song to you.

Jealous curiosity This is where you start to go out with friends and you make sure you have a great time. But more importantly you engineer it so that she also knows you had a great time.

As long as you aren’t out on a one to one date, which will probably enrage her, you will raise a slight feeling of jealousy in her. She will expect you to be still mourning her but here she finds you out & about enjoying yourself. If it works right she starts to feel that it should be you & her out and not you & your friends.

Those are just a few of the many psychological mind games you can use to win her back. Some people may frown on them but it’s not like you are going to hypnotise her and steal her away. Of course you don’t want to be using them just willy nilly.

You need to be using them as part of an overall master plan to win her back. Without a decent system to follow chances are you will just screw the whole job up.

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