Getting Back Together


Win Her Back Or Lose Her Forever, It’s All Up to You

Nothing is more difficult to accept than the time when you are dumped by your girlfriend. You think that all emotions and love between you and her has been over. But that is only what’s in your mind. You can still change the situation in a 360 degree way if you really want to.


It’s true, you can win her back if you want her, as long as you do it right and don’t make a jack ass out of yourself in the process. Women can be very strange at times, and there are women out there who will dump you for no apparent reason, just to see how far you’ll go to get her back. Ok! This may seem a little bit extreme but recovering from a break up nearly always makes a relationship stronger.


Now on the other hand, if you have been caught messing around with someone else, you will have a lot harder time, but it’s still not impossible to get her back. You need to ask yourself why you messed around, and what ever you do NEVER tell her that “it just happened” unless you want to be a soprano for the rest of your life. If you give her honesty and respect she will believe you.


Of course, if you want her back you’re going to have to do it properly, this doesn’t mean a text message saying “come back I miss you”, you need to go the whole nine yards to convince her that you are the guy for her. This is where so many guys fail, they just don’t know how to be themselves, they would rather clown around or show off than be open and honest, after all you’re the one trying to win her back, she’s not the one ringing you.


Now that we’ve established that everything has to be done properly, stop trying to call her, don’t email her, let her have a break and give her chance to miss you. She will miss you once you’ve given her some space.


“What do I say to get my ex girlfriend back?” well this all depends on what you did! If you have hurt her then you need to start thinking of how you can make things better, but you also have to follow up any promises with actions, she can still dump you again if you don’t. if she dumped you for another guy then you have to go back to the beginning and figure out why you got together in the first place and remind her of that. If you dumped her and now you’ve realized what a mistake it was, you had better start thinking of some really good ways to say that you’re sorry.


Just because the relationship has had a stumble doesn’t mean that it’s over. You’ve mad a big step by admitting to yourself that you want her back.

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