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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back – Ignore Her For a While

It’s possible to answer your question – how do I get my girlfriend back – but it isn’t easy. You are here probably because you want her back Maybe though you don’t know where to start. Call her & beg maybe?

Doing that is a mistake. It will lessen your chances of getting her back. It’s time for a time out. No contact for a few weeks. I know how silly that sounds, but it really works.

If she dumped you then that’s what she’s expecting, you on the phone begging. By doing the opposite and not calling you put her of balance and she starts to get a bit curious about you. She gets curious as to what you are doing and how the split is affecting you.

Clearly you are going to be a bit down but you don’t want her knowing that. If/when you do meet up make her think you are fine. In fact show her you are better than fine and are getting on with things.

This tactic will peak her curiosity and maybe create a touch of jealousy. Doesn’t matter if she did dump you, if she even thinks you might be over her she’s going to be a bit jealous. We can’t help but feel that way. It’s an automatic reaction.

I used this as my first tactic when I wanted to get my ex back. I heard through friends that she was secretly asking about me so I knew it worked. This is a good sign as I knew she still had feelings.

I got round to casually inviting her for a coffee, and as expected she said yes. After we’d had a few coffees I asked her to go for lunch. After a few lunch dates she was starting to get comfortable with me/us again.

When she shows she’s comfortable in the situation it’s time to move on to the next step. A proper evening date. A few proper dates down the road and again she’s in the comfort zone. It’s an easy step now to get her to stay over at my place.

I’m sure you can see the bigger picture here. You move her from one level to the next, but in her own time. Once she’s in her comfort zone it’s time to move to the next level. She will never realise you are doing any of this. She just thinks things are moving at their own pace. In reality they aren’t!

These tricks are just a small part of the overall system that can answer your question – how do I get my girlfriend back -. I must point out, that these aren’t my ideas. I was as bewildered as you probably are when My ex broke up with me. I did a bit of online research and discovered a system with step by step instructions to get my ex back.

Fairly unbelievable I must admit, but totally true. We can all be easily manipulated. It’s a trait of the human race. Your ex should be no different. Learn these techniques and easily get her back.

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