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Use Heartbreak Songs To Get Back Together With An Ex

Anyone who has ever broken up with someone knows that it is pure instinct to want to listen to the kind of music that breaks your heart just to hear it. You don’t want to listen to anything cheerful or upbeat. It just doesn’t fit in with your mood – especially if you still want to get back together with an ex. That would feel like moving on which is so not what you want to do. You might even be tempted to try your hand at writing your own heartbreak love song.

This kind of song dates back to when civilisation began. Throughout history there are records of love- torn men and women writing songs that describe how their hearts are breaking because they are having to live without the love of their lives. You may not feel that you are comfortable with writing a song and may prefer to capture your thoughts in a poem instead. Even if you feel that the best way to express your feelings to your ex is through song or prose, they may find it a little odd, especially if you have not been given to composing the odd song now and then in the past. If this is the case, you could try just putting your feelings down on paper and sending a long letter to your ex.

However, if you have ever been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a song written just for you then you will understand how very special it makes you feel. No one could fail to be touched by the thought that you put so much effort and love into coming up with a heartbreak song especially for them. So even if you are uncomfortable with the thought of it, it might be worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in an effort to get back together with an ex.

If you are simply not musical then don’t worry. If you can just manage to come up with some words, then you can put those words to a tune inside your head – you do not need to be a composer to do that. Or if that is a bridge too far, then use a melody that you already know and put your words to that. If it is only for the ears of your loved one, then I shouldn’t think there will be a problem with copyright! But if you still don’t feel like a budding writer or song-maker then all is not lost. There are a million and one love songs already out there and just waiting for you to choose one that will mean something special to you and your ex. Choose a few that have a really important message about how you feel, or that will remind your ex about a special memory and burn a CD. You can send this to your ex; with the loving letter you have written or a poem if you have managed it.

But try not to let the whole feel of the CD and the letter be weighed down with sad love songs. Try and make sure that there is something cheerful in there too, that will make your ex have warm feelings to be hearing from you. Perhaps a song that was a favourite of yours when you were a couple or a funny poem that you know will make your ex laugh. After all, the whole point is to let your ex know how much you want them back and how much fun that can be. Heartbreak songs are a great way to reach out to others and if you use them in the right way then they can be very effective in helping you get back together with an ex.

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