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Finding Out How to Get Her Back When You Are Overwhelmed By Emotions


There is little doubt that when it comes to trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, emotion is that one thing you want to handle and control. Once you let yourself become overly dominated with emotions, there is a significant chance that you are going to commit some critical mistakes.

One grave mistake a guy can make especially when in an emotionally drowned state is to keep bothering and hounding her. Most women in a state of breakup would want time alone and guys know this. However, when you are dominated by your emotions, your rational thinking is often set aside. If you have ever been in this situation, don’t be so hard on yourself because a huge majority of guys are guilty of this behavior. When all else seems to fail, our inner desperation leads us to do such things.

However, the good news is that even when you think that things are completely out of hand and she is totally pissed and annoyed at you, there is still something you can do to fix those mistakes and get her back eventually.

So, the first thing you must do is put a stop to constantly pestering her before things get completely irreversible. This can be a big challenge since you are going against what your emotions are telling you to do. At first, you might think you can’t do it or it’s just completely impossible to ignore her. Yet, you need to think of what you really want happen. If you want to get her back, then you need to exert the effort to stop and find other outlets for your emotions.

You may want to go on a vacation or a new hobby just to take your mind off the breakup for the meantime. Ask help from your friends or family when necessary. This is a huge step so you need all the help you can get.

Now, when you are successful in doing this, your ex-girlfriend will surely notice it and that can be a good thing because it give her a clue that you aren’t going to keep annoying her. Another thing, it will make her wonder what happened and you are going to be in her mind.

When you think all the negative emotions are down the drain, then you can try contacting her to know how she is doing. You don’t need to rush this step and try to be as calm as you can be. Just send her your regards and never ask any more questions other than that. Be like a friend who lost contact for a long time.

A good thing you can do after the initial contact is to accidentally meet her in public. This can be very easy and difficult as well. Easy because you know her schedule so you won’t have any trouble knowing where she is. The hard part is when you actually see and talk to her. I’m pretty sure it will be awkward but you need to make sure you don’t show any sign of this and act as normal as you can. Be confident, witty, and talk to her as a friend would, never mention anything about the relationship or the breakup.

There is no doubt that gaining her trust back is going to take a lot of time. The good thing here is that you were able to establish a line of communication even if it is just as a friend. Maintain this communication as any friend would normally do. As long as you don’t resort back to any sort of desperation you once had, you have a great chance to get her back eventually.

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