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How to Get an Ex Back ? Crucial Steps to Take to Get Your Ex Back

Everyone will agree that surviving a break up is tough and full of pain. The pain is there, no matter who broke up, you or your partner. Sure, love does have its pros and cons, but what you need to know right now is that love had always been there in your relationship. Love is magic and hard to understand. There is no way of getting your ex back with one one call, although you ended it with one. What you have to do now if you want to get your ex back is follow some steps and you might get your ex back in your arms within some days, weeks or months. And who wouldn’t take that chance?

First, after an informal break up, usually including several petty fights and a chaotic battle of harsh words, you should calm yourself down. Feel all the hurt and let out all the tears. This will help calm you down faster. After a while give your ex a call. Let her or him know that your are doing fine with the break up; talk about it on the phone. And if he or she doesn’t answer it, write a letter explaining that everything that happened on that day was fine by you. Then show him or her that you can live life happily even without him or her. You might wonder why you should do this. Well, it is a proven psychological tactic which will result in your ex thinking about you and will start missing you. Trust me, this works.

After the first step, your ex would most certainly be thinking of you, of how he or she had hurt you. It’s hard to believe, but fights are actually good and healthy – these make the relationship stronger. sit down, take some time and think about your last fight (this may even be on the day of the break up).

Do loving couples fight just to hurt one another? Fights always have a deeper meaning and in most cases it is an underlying love for each other. It’s now time for a face to face meeting. So this is what you want to initiate now.

Start being friends again with no intimacy – emotional or phsysical. You should keep everything very casual. It may take some time and some “accidental meetings”, however, after a while his or her feelings will explode and he or she wants to get you back.

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