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How To Get Him To Commit

So how to get him to commit is the big question! but what you have to realize is that a guy has certain things that can trigger desire, more attraction and even those gut feelings of “this girl is the one!”. If you understand what it is that causes this reaction in men, you can use it without being manipulative or pushy.

It’s really normal to have thoughts as a woman that time is ticking and that you need to hurry up, get married and start a family together. It’s also typical to wonder about how to speed along the process, but I also understand that you don’t want to do any damage to your relationship, and you might even fear being too aggressive, pushy or causing him to pull away even more. So here’s how to handle this and get him to commit.

Usually when a man holds back from committing, it’s not because he doesn’t love you enough, it’s generally because he is really uncertain. He’s not exactly uncertain about you, but how the two of you would pair together.

When a man is having these feelings, it’s because he’s focused on himself, and trying to see a little bit more of himself in you.

This means that sometimes certain things you might say or topics you might want to talk about won’t apply to him. Or that’s how he could feel. If you say something that conflicts with his outlook on the future, this could make him more hesitant.

Imagine if I were a guy and I always had dreams of living in a ranch house. Let’s also say that I never really expressed this. Now one day you point out a big, colonial-style, 2 story home that you drive by and say “Isn’t that marvelous! I would LOVE to live somewhere just like that”..

This could cause that old tune of One of these things is not like the other to start rolling around through his head. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice what you want out of life, but you need to understand what his vision is and what it involves.

Because the next big secret is showing him that you understand him on a very deep level, showing him support and appealing to basic needs that men have but are concerned about whether or not they will ever get in a marriage.

How to get him to commit? Find out here.

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