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How to Get Your Love Back – Mistakes to Avoid

Would you do anything to get your love back? Questioning where to turn? Its entirely possible that you are refusing to believe its over, it may be taking time to sink in. You may be thinking of trying anything, anything to get them back and worrying about even more rejection. You need the space to reflect about plans and if you are focused on getting your love back,revisiting what you may have already have done and perhaps to do it differently is crucial

When you met or bumped into your ex, is this what you did?

1 Cried long and loudly but vowed that you can still be friends?

This never works. Neither of you will believe it to be true. You still have feelings and they know that. You believe deep down that if there is that connection you will get them back. They are totally in control here and you would be foolish to forget it. You are the vulnerable one and you have to be careful. Trying to keep control in this way is not going to work and you have to avoid learning that the hard way. In time, your demands on your “friend” will increase and you will drive them away. You have to learn how to love yourself, and keep some pride to get your love back.

2.Asking what you can do to get it right.

This reeks of total anguish. Both of you know that there won’t just be one thing that has caused it to finish. Begging is just not attractive to anyone, least of all your ex. You are putting them in control and asking them to beat you over the head with it You are asking them what you could do and then doing it just to get your love back. If you ask these questions and don’t agree with what they say but do it anyway, its a short term fix and will just build on your resentments .That way leads to tension and breakdown and will not help you to get your love back.Rather it will force your love away in the long term.

3 Swear to change

Now you really have lost it. If you know you won’t be able to keep to it, don’t do it. You will lose their trust altogether this time. Think first, is this a change that is possible for you to make, not just now but in the long term? If you will no longer be you, then its only a matter of time before it ends again. It probably takes subtle changes from both of you but if its only you asking to do the changing then perhaps its time to quit. It may be painful short term but if you really can’t or don’t want to change then perhaps its time to give up on this one.

There are so many mistakes and wrong paths here. If you get it wrong, you may not recover. You need a plan and help.

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Getting Your Ex Back – Avoid Name Calling and Getting Physical

If you want to get a chance of getting your ex back you must absolutely avoid doing two things… name calling and getting physical. Regardless how emotionally charged the atmosphere of the situation is you must not do these two things. If you have already done them you have to be prepared that it will be very hard for your ex to ever forget and forgive you. Your chances of ever getting back with your ex have been seriously diminished.

The end of relationship is one of these situations when the emotions run extremely high. Rejected lovers often get so angry that they completely lose control of what they say. Name calling is usually very common occurrence. It has been said that it is one of the worst ways to end relationship as it often burns all bridges behind you. Don’t do it if you want to get your ex back. When people are being rejected by someone they love and trust, they feel hurt and angry. It is especially true when the break-up is unexpected. Trying to verbally hurt a lover of spouse who decided to end the relationship is an instinctive behaviour in this kind of situations. It is natural to react this way as hateful words seem quite powerful at the moment but in reality they are nothing more than just another form of expressing your desperation and anger. Just like begging or crying.

If you want to have a chance of getting your ex back you must avoid fighting these verbal battles. Just stay silent and listen to what your ex has to say. Even if you don’t agree with her/him… stay silent. Do not ask your ex at the end if she/he is through ranting or shouting at you, this will create an even bigger issue. Why create additional problems?

Getting physical with your ex is a clear sign of subdued frustration. If you find yourself in situation that your anger reaches the point that you start throwing things at your ex… just walk away immediately. It can get really serious as you are no longer able to control yourself. It is this time for you to realise how your actions can truly hurt the other party.

At this point it is no longer about getting your ex back… the legal consequences of your actions can be very serious. It is very likely that your neighbours will call the police if they hear that you two are fighting and things are being thrown around. A domestic fight will turn into a domestic violence report and it will result in you spending a night in jail cell. You don’t need additional problems and this kind of behaviour will not help the current condition of your relationship.

You probably want to ask now… but what about me, I am the one who is hurt here.

Your goal is to get back with your ex, right? Well, arguing and fighting with your ex will only validate her/his decision to leave you. You are not going to accomplish anything else with this attitude. It doesn’t matter if you are right about the break-up or how logical you are in your arguments. The relationships are based on feelings and attraction… not on logic or pity. Your ex will worry only about how she/he feels about you and her decision to stay with you or to leave you will be entirely based on it.

If you want to get your ex back you must avoid her/his pity. You have to maintain your dignity and self-respect. Do not compromise these two for even a second. It is extremely difficult task to do if you are involved in a heated argument with your ex… so try to avoid these arguments. Just stay calm or simply walk away.

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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Common Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get Her Back

Breakup, the word sounds as if someone’s heart broken up! If your smooth relations suddenly turned into harsh debates and ended up with a breakup, then it is the most painful experience for you. In fact, both of you have the same emotions of regrets, pains, anger and disappointments. However, your years of relation takes suddenly breakup, which seems unbearable for you and you doesn’t ready to give up your ex girlfriend. You wish to patch up the relation and desire of everything as going previously. But your ex girlfriend is nervous and she is not in the mood to hear a word from you. In this situation, you commit some common mistakes that may make the matter worse. Here is the follow-up of such common mistakes and the ultimate solution is provided to win your ex girlfriend back.

Some common mistakes make you unconsciously to push your ex girlfriend further away from you instead of getting closer to her. In fact, breakup is not something like end of the relationship. However, in order to save the relationship you make desperate attempts just like arguing about the breakup and defending your side, calling your ex girlfriend on the phone frequently, begging her every time to come back, promising your ex girlfriend that you would change for her sake, etc. All these attempts sound lame excuses to your ex girlfriend and she will simply ignore you with your every attempt.

Make up your mind that until you are depressed, you cannot woo your ex girlfriend back. Thence, you need to heal your emotional state in the first place. Give some time to recover yourself and to your ex girlfriend to think over the matters objectively. If you approach your ex girlfriend instantly after the breakup, she will be pushed further away. She will sympathize with you, but never think to get back to you as a girlfriend. That is why let the time pass and await the proper moment so that you can take the further move to win your ex girlfriend back.

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How to Get Back Together With an Ex Girlfriend – Avoid the Common Mistakes

When a relationship comes to an end it’s often that one of the people will still not believe that it has really ended. Especially in a new relationship. Many men don’t accept the fact that his girlfriend really left him. If you are in this situation and wondering how to get back together with an ex girlfriend you should first make a plan and follow a few steps to avoid making the mistakes that most guys make when trying to get an ex girlfriend back.

It’s very common for couples to get back together after they break up. I am sure you have seen it happen before so it’s obviously possible. First you should ask yourself why you want to get her back. Is it because you still lover her and truly want her back? Or could it possibly be for another reason like you just don’t want to be alone or you just don’t like that you were dumped. You have to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. If not you are going to be getting into something that will just lead to trouble.

If you determine it’s for the right reasons and you want to know how to get back together with an ex girlfriend the first thing you need to do is to not appear needy or desperate. No matter how much you may be hurting and want her back you need to keep those emotions under control. If you must let these emotions out go talk to family or friends. You can cry on their shoulders all you want, but do not let her see or know about it. And whatever you do, do not stalk her.

You must learn to take control of these feelings and avoid self pity. Don’t focus on how much you are hurt but instead focus on the positive aspects of your life and your ex. If you come across as being too needy or disparate or needy that will probably just drive her further away. Both of those things do nothing but kill the attraction and make people want to avoid you.

Keep the lines of communication open with her. Even if she ended the relationship it’s common for women to still want to communicate after a breakup. So let her feel like you still want to be civil and that the lines of communication are still open. That doesn’t mean you have to initiate the conversations but be willing to have casual conversations and keep in touch.

Take some time away from her and analyze what went wrong with the relationship. Once you realize what went wrong you can use that information to grow personally so you can avoid that in the future. When you are coming from a not needy and not desperate position and know what went wrong you will then be much more prepared to get back together with an ex girlfriend.

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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Mistakes to Avoid While Getting Her Back

So you have recently broken up with your girlfriend and are looking or ways or tips to incorporate in your plan to get your ex girlfriend back? You are reading the correct piece. Below there are some tips which will help you in succeeding. However, these tips are not about what you do. These are about what you should not do. Now that you have a plan ready it is best for you to go through some mistakes which I have listed below. You must avoid these mistakes at any cost as they tend to destroy even the slightest possibility of reviving your relationship. Read further to know more.

The most common mistakes that everyone does is calling your ex girlfriend. Do not make any contact with her for a few days after the break up. You calling her or sending her messages continuously will mean that you are intruding into her space. This will be a reason for her to be pushed further away and make the situation worse. He same goes with you. You must enjoy your space and do not let any depressed or sad feelings intrude in your privacy. Now that you have a lot of time for yourself, you can go out and meet people and old friends. This will make you feel good rather than sulking in your house.

One of the gravest mistakes you could commit is to talk about your broken relationship in front of your common friends. This will lead to a misunderstanding and will look like you are trying to gain people’s sympathy and make her into a villain. This is a big no and should be avoided at all cost.

The above mentioned mistakes have the ability to destroy your plan completely. If you want a smooth execution of your plan and want to succeed in getting your ex girlfriend back you must avoid these mistakes come what may.

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