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How Can I Get My Ex to Admit He Wants Me Back?

How can I get my ex to admit he wants me back? This is a typical question proposed by a woman that feels as if her ex is still in love with her. The answer is that waiting for him to tell you that he loves you is the best approach. You should never have to force someone to express their true feelings. Within time and when the moment is right for him personally, he will do so.

If you were to try to coach your ex to admit that he wants you back, he might not give you a straight answer and this will leave you wondering whether or not he is able to be sincere with you. Give him the chance to express exactly how he is feeling. On the other hand, telling him that you still love him is OK if that is truly how you feel. He deserves to know where you stand with your feelings.

If you are sure that his love for you still exists, there already is a huge chance that given enough space and time that he will admit that he is still in love with you. In other words, if you find that you are asking numerous people close to you that question of how can i get my ex to admit he wants me back over and over, stop doing it for now. He will come to you and reveal that he needs you back sooner or later.

If you are hurting because he is giving you mixed messages about taking you back, step aside for a period of time until he can finally make up his mind. It may takes weeks or perhaps months, but since you know that the two of you are still in love, he will at some point admit his feelings once again.

I have been counseling women with their relationships for numerous years. I understand that women can tune into feelings more easily than men.

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