When a couple enters into a relationship they almost always hope that the relationship will last forever. They do their very best to keep everything good and they make sure that nothing will ever break the bond that ties them together. But as the relationship goes on, one or both of them start to become unaware of the things they do or not do. One or both of them become lax until it reaches a point where problems already set in without them knowing it. This could lead to fights or even break ups. If this happens to you and you still want to get back with your ex again to give it another try, what must you do?

Language of Desires

The first thing that you need to focus on is to assess the situation. What happened or did not happen in the relationship for it to fail? Did you do anything wrong? Did you forget to do things that you have to do? Did your ex do anything wrong? Did your ex forget to do the things that should have been done? In assessing these things you might need a help of a friend for an objective answer. If you do it on your own, you might end up with wrong conclusions because you might be biased.

Once you have found out what went wrong, you need to decide on certain things. If in your assessment you find out that you were the one who was at fault, ask yourself if you are willing to change. If you are, then there should be no problem. If it turns out that it was not you who was at fault, ask yourself if you are willing to accept your ex with or without changing. Since it is you who wants to get back with your ex, you need to know what adjustments you are willing to make. You cannot expect your ex to change. The most that you can do is to hope that as you change, you ex will also change with you.

Doing these things may not be easy because knowing who was at fault or who caused the break up can be very painful. But if you really want to get back with your ex then you need a lot of determination.

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