Are you considering getting back together with an ex? I know exactly how you feel. I was hurting so bad when my boyfriend and I broke up. But I’ve learned that if there’s any love at all in the relationship, it is possible to overcome a breakup–no matter how painful. Here’s some advice for how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Language of Desires

First, do not be obnoxious. I know there’s some bad feeling in the air, but you have to work to lower the tension level, not raise it. Force yourself to be nice! Of course, if you feel like an absolute phony, then you might have to ask yourself if you really do want to get back together.

It’s hard to be nice, but it’s even tougher if your ex is seeing someone new! That’s what happened to me. Initially I was very bitter and abrasive towards my ex. Fortunately, I got some excellent advice and began to be nice and agreeable instead. This is an important first step, because it plants a seed in your ex’s head that maybe he or she made a big mistake when they split up with you.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re with someone you love. That’s because there’s a tendency to act emotionally all the time. For instance, I couldn’t stop thinking about my boyfriend after we broke up. I wanted to see him. I called him all the time and left nagging, complaining messages. I attempted to make him jealous. I even lied to him. Trust me, this kind of behavior is only going to drive your ex even further away. Don’t do it!

Again, I followed the advice I had received and totally left him alone for a period of time. I concentrated on myself instead. Then, when we finally did meet again, I was very nice and sweet. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” as they say.

It’s so true!

If you don’t leave your ex alone then he or she’s is not going to start thinking of you in a positive way again. You’ve got to let them remember what they saw in you in the first place. They can’t do that if you’re in their face all the time.

There are actually very specific things you can do and say to manipulate the situation to your advantage. I had been getting my advice from a book called “The Magic of Making Up,” which laid out a terrific plan of action for getting back together with an ex. Some of these strategies are truly amazing. They worked so well that sometimes I felt like a puppeteer pulling the strings!

My story ended happily; my boyfriend and I are back together again. I really think the same thing can happen to you if you follow the methods and techniques in “The Magic of Making Up.” Give it a shot!

To learn more about the incredible techniques and strategies that were so successful for me, just go to How to Get Him Back. There’s a great video of the author of “The Magic of Making Up” explaining his system for saving relationships.