Often times when relationships come to an end, one or even both parties have some doubt if it is really the end when the break up just happened. Some men are unable to accept the fact that she walked away and are still hoping that it was a terrible nightmare and when he wakes up she will still be there. If you have just broken up with your girlfriend, you have to be realistic about it and move on, or if you are sure you are interested in getting back together with an ex girlfriend then start creating a plan on how to do it.

Language of Desires

To be successful at getting her back there are things you need to do and here are some tips:

You have to ask yourself why you want to get back together with her. Is it because you still love her, or is it because you want to prove something to other people that no woman could dump you? Love should be the reason for wanting to fix your relationship. If you have ulterior motives in wanting to get back together with your girlfriend, you could ending up playing a dangerous game and end up hurting both yourself and your ex girlfriend.

Don’t come off as too desperate or needy. Although you do have a burning desire to get back together with your ex, you will need to control your emotions and keep them to yourself. If you have trouble controlling your emotions, try talking to a friend or family member, this is a safe way to cry your heart out. Don’t cry in front of your ex girlfriend, you will come off as needy¬† and desperate and she will get scared and avoid you even more.

Keeping the lines of communication open to a point it important. Even though she ended the relationship with you make her feel that you are civil towards her.

Of course don’t bombard her with calls, just let her know you are doing well, and inquire how she is doing. Keep the conversation casual.

While you have some time to yourself after the breakup, it is time to focus on improving yourself. Rediscover yourself as the person she once fell in love with. This is also the time to re pick up an old hobbies or interests that you had before the relationship began, get in touch with old friends that you may have lost touch with. You’ll have an easier time of getting back together with an ex girlfriend if you know you are complete and happy as a person and she won’t have to be pressured to make you happy.

These are some of the techniques you can use when you are getting back together with an ex girlfriend.

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