Have you been looking for help with getting back together with an ex girlfriend? Writing the relationship off completely at this time simply because she has broken your heart may not be necessary. If you really want to get her back, you may be able to. You will have to put in some hard work and understanding.

Language of Desires

In 75% of all relationships it is the woman who calls the whole thing off, however more often than not, they are open to rekindling things. Breaking up may not have been a very well thought out decision, meaning your ex may have been acting on emotions and not thinking things through.

If you are truly interested in getting back together with her, you need to keep you head up and not give up or reacting badly to the situation you are currently dealing with. Not every break means that it is a permanent one, and that is a motivational thought to keep in mind.

The first step in rekindling your relationship is to figure out what went wrong, so you can change those things and move on. If you don’t fix them, then the relationship, if it can be rekindled, isn’t going to last. The same mistakes will be made and you’ll be in the same situation you are in now, alone.

You need to be able to show your ex that you have or are willing to change. You have to be able to show you ex that you are the person that she wants in her life. One way to show her this, is to continue living your life. I know this may be difficult, but sitting around moping and being upset over the break up isn’t going to do anything constructive towards getting your ex girlfriend back.

Living your life will show your ex that you can be mature and happy, this may be enough to remind her just how much she needs and wants you.

When you are serious about getting back together with an ex girlfriend, you have to realize that making things work is about knowing what to do and stirring up the right emotions and feelings.

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