Although you may feel depressed and angry right now because you just broke up with your ex boyfriend, who you still love very much. The only thing that is in your mind is, getting back together with an ex boyfriend. It can be done and it is not very hard, all you need to do, is follow some simple steps and you can get your ex back.

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getting back together with an ex boyfriend advice

The one thing you have to understand, is that when a relationship comes to an end, then all the feelings that you had to one another do not disappear right away. You still love him and he still loves you. It is just that some things have not worked out very well and have caused a breakup. Everything can be salvaged and repaired.

If you are highly emotional right now and depressed all the time, then take some time off and relax. Stop arguing with your ex about the breakup, even better, do not contact your ex at all. Both of you need some time to be alone and cool off. Starting to repair a broken relationship when you are still highly emotional is really really bad. Take some time off and get back on your feet first.

The next step is analyzing the breakup. Try to find out what went wrong, what problems did you have, what was missing from your relationship. Very often relationships just lose their spark or maybe there is some other more serious problem. Either way you need to find out the causes of the breakup.

If you have figured out what exactly went wrong, then fixing these problems and causes is the the next step. This part is not easy and very often you have to make some sacrifices to have a chance at getting back together with your ex boyfriend.

The last step is slowly starting to re-establish contact with your ex. It is very important to take your time and go forward one step at a time. The main thing is not to rush. When he wants to be just friends, the so be it. At least you will spend more time with him. If you have fixed the causes as much as you can and you have taken your time then getting back with your ex boyfriend should be very likely. If you need more advice then just click the link below. Okay?

Good luck girl!

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