People have individual differences. But what if your boyfriend is a mama’s boy and that is the ultimate thing you don’t like about him that is why you split with him? Upon realizing that you love him so much and you just can’t live without him are you now planning to get him back? Isn’t it that you are like playing with the situation?

Language of Desires

Right now, the best thing that you can do is to stand with your decision. So, this also goes to show that you need to use your mind rather than your heart because doing so may turn everything around. A guy who is a mama’s boy can really bring about lots of troubles in the relationship more especially if you are already husband and wife. Your decision of breaking up with him is even the best thing that you have done so don’t regret it.

Do you know what is great with it? You will be able to teach him the value of being able to stand for himself, being strong, being mature and being a real man as well. You know, men will never learn their lesson if they always experience the best in life. What you can do now is wait for the right time on when he will finally realize that being a mama’s boy can ruin the relationship. Don’t think of the what-ifs because they will just divert your attention to what you should focus on more.

Another thing that you should remember is to master your emotion. No matter how you love him, you should show him that you are a strong woman who stands on what you say. Let us just say that the breakup was a test so that he will discover what he is capable of doing. You know, men are just like that. You need to put them to a test just to bring out the best in them.

Of course, he will also do his best to get you back. If you see any improvement, that can be the time for you to be with him again.



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